Case Study: How Breashears Roofing Tripled Estimate Output

Breashears Roofing is a Colorado-based roofing company that has been struggling with the best problem you can have: they’re growing like crazy. In their quest to conquer growing pains, CEO and founder Mark Breashears had a few goals in mind:

  • Get more work out of roofing estimators
  • Improve the accuracy of measurements (standard measurement reports don’t cut it)
  • Win more business

Luckily, the solution to his problems was flying right above his head.

Mark took notice of the rising drone trend and could easily imagine the benefit of aerial inspections. Initially, he bought a drone off the shelf and began flying it manually over roofs to gather imagery. Though it gave him an eye in the sky, he needed more than just photos. Dissatisfied with measurement reports, Mark wanted a way to gather measurements with drones, speed up inspection times, and turn all the raw roof data into a polished bid. Mark didn’t just need a drone, he needed a full roof inspection solution.

That’s when he discovered that IMGING could do everything he needs and more.

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