Automation with IMGING and Xactimate

If you are responding to storms – either to adjust the claim or repair damage – you understand that speed and efficiency is everything. To help you better respond to storms, we are excited to introduce the latest enhancement to our IMGING software: automated exports to Xactimate. This feature is crafted to streamline your workflow, reduce manual tasks, and allow you to focus on your core business activities. 

Simplify Data Transfers 

IMGING has improved its Xactimate integration even further by enabling all measurements to be imported into Xactimate without manual intervention. This integration minimizes time spent on data transfers and maximizes your operational efficiency. 

Synchronize Measurement Automation 

The new update automates the export of multiple measurements as they are collected. Both pre-site assessments and drone measurements are automatically exported to Xactimate, keeping your data up-to-date and ready for use. 

Effortlessly Handle Complex Claims 

Claims involving multiple structures are easier to manage with our automated export feature. It allows for independent measurements of each structure to be automatically exported to Xactimate, ensuring accurate data representation for each structure in your claims. 

Benefits Summary 

  • Seamless Integration: Reduce manual data entry with automatic export or measurements from IMGING to Xactimate. 
  • Increased Efficiency: Automate the export process to streamline workflows instead of toggling back and forth. 
  • Accurate Data Management: Ensure precise capture and export of all measurements. 

How It Works 

  1. Data Collection: Use pre-site assessments or drones to gather measurements. 
  1. Automatic Export: Automatically export measurements to Xactimate. 
  1. Workflow Integration: Manage claims in Xactimate with real-time data from IMGING. 

Our objective is to simplify your work and increase productivity. Automated Exports to Xactimate is designed to help claims adjusters and roofing contractors optimize their workflows and improve their bottom line. 

Get Started Today 

Step into the future of roofing inspections and claims management with Automated Exports to Xactimate. Contact us today to find out more about this feature and how it can benefit your business. 




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