When Imagery Isn't Enough, Use AI

Upload property photos and instantly assess damage and generate comprehensive inspection reports using cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) technology. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual inspections and hello to efficiency!

How It Works

Use any drone to inspect a roof and capture high-quality images of potential damaged areas.
Upload drone inspection photos for AI analysis from your mobile device into our iOS app.
Use our industry-leading AI find roof damage across a range of materials and damage types.
Build urgency-driving inspection reports, present findings, and act confidently with IMGING's AI.

Step 1


Fly your drone in your chosen drone flight app. Capture high-quality images of the roof and save it to your iOS device gallery for easy app upload. 


Step 2

Upload Photos

On our iOS mobile app or at your computer, upload roof inspection photos for AI-powered analysis of damage on the roof.

Step 3

Analyze Photos with AI

Our AI-powered damage detection technology was developed using deep learning. It identifies hail, wind, and dozens of other damage types in near real-time. Our AI models have analyzed more images of roof damage than any human who has ever lived. With our AI-powered technology, identifying and assessing roof damage has never been more efficient or accurate.

Step 4

Inspection Report

Once your inspection is complete, create a report in our iOS app or utilize robust custom report building tools at your desktop. Leverage AI, custom branding, annotations, weather history and more for a full property inspection experience that captures every detail and empowers confident decision-making. Inspection Reports transform on-site data into comprehensive reports that reflect your professionalism and dedication to precision.

The Perfect Tool for Your Industry

General Construction

The Easiest Way to Inspect and Manage Projects

Mobile or Drone-enabled inspections analyzed with AI enable quick and easy documentation or in-depth property assessment for your customers.


Reduce LAE and Cycle Times with AI Inspections

The IMGING inspection platform enables you to make quick inspecting and scoping decisions that lead to happy policyholders and lower LAE.

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