Robust Results: How Encova Insurance Enhanced Roof Inspections with IMGING

“Seeking a safer method to conduct quality inspections on challenging roofs, Encova discovered unparalleled precision and efficiency.”

At Encova, ensuring the safety of their inspection team is of utmost importance, especially when handling claims dealing with steep and hard-to-access roofs. Faced with the dual challenge of maintaining high inspection standards and enhancing operational safety, Encova needed a technological solution that could address both. The company found its answer in Loveland Innovations’ IMGING, drawn to its flexibility and comprehensive support, allowing them to effectively manage their own program.

Tailored Inspection Tools

In the insurance sector, adapting quickly to technological advancements can significantly enhance efficiency and safety. Encova recognized this potential early on and, after comparing several solutions, chose Loveland Innovations due to its ability to tailor the IMGING system to their specific needs, including providing crucial support and flight controls. Their decision was informed by the system’s proven track record throughout the insurance industry.

Faster Cycle Times while Saving Inspection Costs

Implementing IMGING has transformed the operations and improved the safety of Encova’s inspection processes, particularly for properties with steep, difficult-to-reach roofs. The use of AI-powered drone technology has not only ensured safer inspections by eliminating the need for ladder assists but also improved the thoroughness and speed of these inspections. Encova has observed marked improvements in inspection quality and a reduction in cycle times. The high-resolution images and data collected by IMGING allow for detailed assessments of roof conditions, facilitating faster and more accurate claims processing.

Improved Quality and Efficiency

The transition to drone-based inspections has yielded substantial benefits. Encova’s teams can now conduct thorough inspections without the physical risks associated with climbing high, steep roofs. This safety-first approach aligns with the company’s core values and enhances overall job satisfaction among the inspectors. Moreover, the detailed imagery and data captured by the drones provide an indisputable basis for claims decisions, reducing disputes and the need for follow-up inspections.

A Robust Solution

When asked to summarize the impact of IMGING on Encova’s operations in a single word, “robust” was the immediate answer. This encapsulates the reliability, and comprehensiveness of IMGING for insurance claims. Encova’s partnership with Loveland has not only addressed the initial need for safer roof inspections but has also improved the customer experience while saving third-party inspection costs.

In conclusion, the integration of IMGING has enabled Encova to achieve its goal of performing safer, more efficient roof inspections. Encova’s success with their IMGING drone program highlights the transformative effect of embracing innovative technologies in traditionally conservative industries. This illustrates how sometimes, the answer to one problem can solve many more, multiplying its impact further than anticipated.

About Encova Insurance

Encova Insurance provides commercial, auto and home insurance. A super-regional carrier ranked in the top 25 mutual insurance companies in the United States, Encova is rated A (excellent) by AM Best, the leading provider of insurer ratings. Encova includes more than 1,100 associates writing in 27 states and Washington, D.C., premiums in excess of $1.2 billion, a surplus in excess of $2.1 billion and assets in excess of $5.1 billion. The group markets insurance solutions through more than 2,000 independent agencies in the Midwest, Northeast and South.

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