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Triple Bid Output & Win More Work


Improve Risk Analysis & Cycle Times


Surveys to CAD Models in Minutes

Inspections Elevated

IMGING® is an inspection platform that helps you gather and analyze property information. It automates drone-based image capture, organizes ground and aerial photos, provides measurements, and aids image analysis with AI and deep learning tools simple enough for anyone to use.

The Old Way

The New Way

Get a Custom Solution

Not sure where to start using a drone-based inspection platform? Give us a call and we’ll work with you to create a custom solution.

Latest News

Why Roofing Companies Need a Drone Strategy (and How to Start)
1024 576 Casey Morgan

Roofing companies are adopting drones for many reasons. They keep people safer. They can be more efficient for gathering roof information. Some are doing it because they feel it’s the next big step forward for roofing bids. The thing is, many roofing companies are missing the point. Sooner than you might realize, roofing companies will…

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What Carriers Get From Outsourced Drone Inspections
1024 576 Casey Morgan

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to get more claim data following a large storm event. But are you sure you’re using every resource available to you? What if your team could get all the data they need to desk adjust without ever stepping foot on a property, no matter the demand? Many carriers…

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Damage Detection for Storm Season
Why AI and Damage Detection Matters to Roofers
1024 576 Casey Morgan

The roofing industry is changing. Property owners demand quick, excellent service. Insurance carriers want ever-higher-quality roof information. It’s tougher than ever to find laborers, plus, a changing climate means stronger storms are on the horizon. To tackle demands and amplify service, roofing companies are adopting cutting-edge technologies like AI to give them better insight and…

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