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Triple Bid Output & Win More Work


Improve Risk Analysis & Cycle Times


Reduce Creation Costs & Survey Time

Inspections Elevated

IMGING® is an inspection platform that helps you gather and analyze property information. It automates drone-based image capture, organizes ground and aerial photos, provides measurements, and aids image analysis with AI and deep learning tools simple enough for anyone to use.

The Old Way

The New Way

Get a Custom Solution

Not sure where to start using a drone-based inspection platform? Give us a call and we’ll work with you to create a custom solution.

Latest News

Will The Digital Revolution Kill Ladder Assist?
Will The Digital Revolution Kill Ladder Assist? 1024 576 Casey Morgan

As a growing number of insurers recognize the benefits of simplifying outdated claims processes – the days of ladder assist could be numbered. For years, third-party companies have determined loss. They have also uncovered the cause of damage for claims adjusters in the field. Such a service, while useful, does not solve a few fundamental…

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How Drones and AI Are Redefining Insurtech
How Drones and AI Are Redefining Insurtech 1024 576 Casey Morgan

Even in the wake of major North American catastrophes – hurricanes, wildfires, and earthquakes – insureds report high levels of claim satisfaction with some carriers. How can carriers continue to produce excellent customer satisfaction ratings given the enterprise-wide stressors of massive property damage claims? The secret weapon might just be A.I. and drone technologies. Today’s…

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Is My Roofing Company Ready for Drones?
Is My Roofing Company Ready for Drones? 1024 576 Madeline McBeth

Advances in drone technology have revolutionized the roofing industry. Drone roof inspections are changing the game, allowing companies to increase both the quantity and quality of their work without adding headcount, hassle, or risk. However, not all companies will be able to reap all the benefits of a drone platform. But who will? And how…

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