The First Drone Inspection Solution Actually Built For The Insurance Industry

This isn’t a mining or agriculture solution posing as an Insurance solution. Today, adjusters and inspectors in the field are using IMGING™ to conduct full roof and property inspections with incredible detail in as little as ten minutes from start to finish, and they’re getting high-resolution, actionable data they can use to make informed decisions. By combining Insurance-focused workflows and patents-pending autonomous flight control technology, IMGING is making roof inspections safer, quicker, and more consistent. It’s deceptively simple, amazingly powerful, and built specifically for Insurance.



Job Management

IMGING makes it easy to create and manage jobs remotely, simplifies checking airspace, planning an initial flight plan, and securing homeowner authorization before someone is dispatched onsite.

Flight Planning

Once onsite, the operator takes a few minutes to confirm the proposed flight plan, double check for obstacles, verify the roof height, and fine-tune the imagery that will be taken.

Autonomous Flight

After a quick pre-flight check in the IMGING app, the operator sends the drone into the sky and oversees the autonomous flight through a variety of scans and monitors return and landing of the drone.

Inspection Reports

Onsite or back in the home office, Adjusters and Inspectors can intuitively navigate through images, annotate to call-out damage and important notes before IMGING generates a detailed report.


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