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IMGING® is an inspection platform that helps you gather and analyze property information. It automates drone-based image capture, organizes ground and aerial photos, provides measurements, and aids image analysis with AI and deep learning tools simple enough for anyone to use.

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Not sure where to start using a drone-based inspection platform? Give us a call and we’ll work with you to create a custom solution.

Latest News

IMGING for Solar
Azimuth and DXF Flatting: IMGING Has New Solar Features
1024 576 Kevin Wunder

We’re super excited to bring some new solar-focused features to the IMGING app. Mainly, we’re making it even easier for solar companies to work with the 3D models we automatically generate after a drone flight. Here’s the skinny: .DXF File Flattening As you probably know, IMGING allows designers to export 3D models of a structure…

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Ladder Assist: Your Days Are Numbered
1024 683 Josh Jensen

Change is underway in the world of roof inspections. Many roofing contractors, insurance adjusters, solar companies and other industry professionals are shifting from using ladder assist services to using innovative drone technology. In this piece, we break down why drone solutions are a better option for roof inspections, and why the days are numbered for…

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Here’s Why Drone Platforms Trounce Basic Measurement Reports
1024 683 Josh Jensen

Technological innovations are driving widespread change through many industries. Drones have found a niche in the construction industry but have special appeal to roofing. Thanks to drone solutions, roofing contractors can get way more than just the basic measurements they see from most roof inspection reports. In this piece, we’ll break down why a roofing-tailored…

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