Elevate Inspections with IMGING

IMGING® is a new way to collect and analyze property data. Using a clever blend of automated drone tech and deep learning, you can get the property details you need to make quicker, more confident decisions whether you’re estimating repair costs for damage or creating a policy for a new property.


Inspect Roofs in 5 minutes

IMGING lets you inspect even the steepest, most complex roofs in as little as five minutes. Best of all, you can impress homeowners with detailed images so they can see the damage (and your dilligence) themselves.

Use automated drones to
assess project needs in minutes

Inspect steep and complex
roofs yourself – no third parties

Scan entire rooftops to understand
size, materials, and damage

Build informed bids for
customers in a near-instant


Screaming Fast Settlements

It’s not sci-fi. With IMGING you can go from FNOL to happy policyholder in hours – not days. Use an automated drone to scan a roof and property, then get an automated estimate in minutes. It’s that easy.

Scan entire roofs and properties with
automated drones

Safely create settlements
on-site in minutes

Share everything you find
with policyholders

Use deep learning to organize data
into decisions for estimates

Keep the combined
ratio strong


Pin-Point Accurate Policies

Quotes for new policies need to be fast and accurate or you risk missing new business or not giving a property the coverage it needs. IMGING gets you the details you need to make fast, informed decisions.

Scan and assess properties
using automated drones

Use 3D models to be on-site
without actually being on-site

Develop concrete policies
based on detailed information

Create quotes for new policies
to quickly win new customers

Use deep learning to understand
the risks of the property automatically

“I didn’t know it was possible to use a drone. You design a flight plan and throw it up to do the work for you. It’s a very simple, quick process.”

– Lee Boyd, Fourseventy Claim Management