iPhone Support, New Design, and Much More. Get to Know IMGING 2.0

After thousands of flight hours, hundreds of pieces of customer feedback, and countless cans of Mountain Dew (it’s not a problem, we swear), we’re proud to announce the release of IMGING 2.0. Here’s a look at what’s available to you the moment you update the app in the Apple app store. This update will be available Thursday, August 9, 2018.

A Killer New, Native iOS Experience

IMGING 2.0 brings with it a completely native iOS experience, and therefore, a redesigned and improved IMGING iPad App. It’s a brand-new experience, but after spending a few minutes with it, you’ll find it much more intuitive and snappier than the previous iPad App. We think you’ll love using it as much as we do.

iPhone Support

One of our favorite new features (and one many have been waiting for) is the introduction of the IMGING iPhone App. This new version of the app lets you conduct flight operations in the field using the iPhones you may already have.

Feature Overview

For companies of all sizes, this new form-factor gives you flexible new ways to use IMGING in your inspection workflows. Here’s an overview of what features/functions are available in the different form factors of IMGING (Web App, iPad App, and iPhone App).

  iPad iPhone Web
Create/Plan/Modify Job x x x
Assign/Schedule Job x
Fly Job x x
Check Airspace x x x
Create/Modify Report Annotations x x
Create IMGING Inspection Reports x x
Automated Damage Detection x x
Point-to-Point Measurements x
.DXF Export x
Full Dynamic Roof Report x
Macro Export x
Symbility .XML Export x
Roof Bid Creation (for Roofers) x x

Here’s a preview of what the new experience looks like:

Bring All Your Job Photos Together

With IMGING 2.0 you can attach non-drone photos to your scans in IMGING. This lets you bring photos from your drone, phone, and other devices into the IMGING Mobile App or the IMGING Web App. Photos you add will be stored and organized in the IMGING cloud and can be annotated and included in reports just like other IMGING photos.

There are three ways you can add non-drone photos to inspections:

  1. You can take a photo from within the scan in IMGING (iPhone and iPad)
  2. You can attach a photo in IMGING from the camera roll of the device (iPhone and iPad)
  3. You can add photos in the IMGING web app


Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC)

One of the goals of the Federal Aviation Administration is to increase the volume of commercial drone operations performed in a safe and equitable manner in U.S. airspace. Low Altitude Authorization Notification Capabilities, commonly known as LAANC, is one such initiative.

With LAANC, you can get automatic authorization in participating controlled airspace. Instead of calling a control tower or submitting waivers, you’ll be able to gain approval to access certain controlled airspace with a few taps in the IMGING app.

Support for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2

The 2.0 version of IMGING will have support for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2 (woo!). The Phantom 4 Pro v1 will continue to be supported as well.

Improved Password Policies

We have introduced a number of password policies to help secure your individual inspection data and that better enables large companies to secure company-wide inspection data.


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