We can help reduce creation costs by $.05 – $.09 PPW. Here’s how.

Turning sunlight into power isn’t easy. It can take hours to measure roofs and penetrations, and that’s before you even build 3D models and mock up plans. With IMGING®, you can measure a home with a drone and have 3D models waiting for you by the time you get to the office. Fly a roof in minutes, auto-generate a 3D model, measure facets and penetrations, and export models into any CAD program. Your planning process just got a whole lot easier.

Survey a Home in Five Minutes

Five minutes is enough to get you detailed images IMGING can use to auto-generate 3D models. No more tape measures, clipboards, or hand-drawn diagrams. Get everything your team needs to build solar plans in minutes.

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Use automated drones to survey homes for you

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Survey a roof in as little as 5 minutes without a ladder or tape measure

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Get up-to-the-second measurements and ultra-high-res images from the sky

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Safely assess any roof – even steep or complex ones

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Auto-Generate 3D Models

No more building your own 3D models from hand-drawn diagrams. Save hours of effort by auto-generating 3D models using drone-captured imagery and export them into most CAD programs.

3D model generation
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Save hours and get to
a finished solar plan faster

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Stop building your own home models and let IMGING do it for you

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Measure facets and features and include them in exportable 3D models

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Export 3D models you can use with most CAD programs


Everything you need to speed up solar planning


Super Simple App

Manage jobs, process data, and create flight plans so drones can fly for you.

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Solid Hardware

Reliable hardware provides the simplest, quickest inspections.

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Comprehensive Training

Easy training covers how to use IMGING and how to navigate Part 107.


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