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IMGING® streamlines solar site surveys by letting you view and share CAD-ready 3D models, detailed horizon reports, and other solar planning essentials after a quick automated drone flight. Creating solar plans just got a whole lot easier.

Up to 50% Faster Survey Times

Up to 50% Faster CAD Design

Improve Customer Service

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Site Surveys in as Little as 10 Minutes

With IMGING, Solar pros can sell and survey in the same visit, close more business, and maximize customer satisfaction. When they’re done, CAD designers have half their work already finished.


90+ min on-site, 60+ designing

Roof falls= 33% of construction fatalities

Poor data leads to survey follow-ups


35 minutes/survey, 30 min. planning

Stay on the ground

Automated flight for solid data

Experience the Outputs

IMGING lets you bring together drone and ground-based photos, export detailed 3D models, and shave hours off the modeling and designing process.

“Our site surveys are taking 35 minutes—it used to take 90.”

-Trey Lackey, 1st Light Energy


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