The New Way to Inspect and Measure Roofs

Use drones, AI, and smartphones to inspect properties faster, work safer, wow property owners, and elevate your sales with IMGING inspection software.

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The truth is growing your contracting business is hard.

Whether it’s by helping you stand out from your competitors with polished inspection reports, making it possible to hire top sales talent that doesn’t want to climb roofs, clarifying damage for insurance adjusters, or automated your drone inspections …


is here to help!

Fast Roof

A quick square count, pre-inspection measurements, or 3D models and drone measurements at the push of a button.

AI Damage

Use unbiased artificial intelligence (A.I.) – with a drone or without – to highlight roof damage, differentiate your bids, and win insurance work.

Polished Bids
and Reports

Annotate anything in a drag-and-drop report builder for urgency-driving inspection reports for a polished, professional impact.

Easy Drone

Automated drone flight makes hiring and training easy and fast, with an average inspection time of 5 minutes.

Your Measurement Options with IMGING

Pre-Site Measurements

Arm yourself with measurements before you inspect for even faster bids.

AI Damage Detection

Use unbiased AI for roof inspections to highlight damage, inspect faster, differentiate bids, and win more work. AI can even help resolve disputed claims. Read Allen Roofing’s story to learn how.

Polished Bids and Reports

Annotate anything in our easy-to-use drag-and-drop report builder for urgency-driving inspection reports for a polished, professional impact. It’s the all-in-one roof inspecting and documentation app you’ve been looking for. 


“We use IMGING’s thorough AI inspection reports as 3rd-party validation to the homeowner.”

Automated Flight Makes Drones Push-Button Simple

We make automated flight easy. IMGING allows drone pilot pros to manually fly or push a button for automated drone roof inspections with AI. Our average automated flight time for a residential home now averages under 6 minutes with IMGING Flight.

Get Started Hassle Free

Drone roof inspections? AI? New bid process? Sounds tough, but believe us—it’s not. We’ll help you with everything from getting certified to flying your first job.

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