Ready to amp-up close rates with drones? Here’s how.

Increase estimator output and amp-up close rates with a digital approach to planning, bidding, and selling. With IMGING, you can power a polished, streamlined sales process using an automated drone, detailed models, AI-powered damage detection, and polished reports and bids. Do more with the people you have. Win more jobs. Keep your team safe and productive with IMGING.

Triple Your Bid Output

Get Every Detail of Any Roof

Stay on the Ground

Big or Small—Bid It All


Measure and analyze massive structures in minutes.


Triple bid output and sell more roofs.

Pro-Grade Tools for
Pro-Grade Work

IMGING lets you get more done with fewer people, improve your bid quality, impress customers, and close more business—plus you can stay on the ground.


60+ min. inspection, 60+ min. bid.

Falls from roofs account for 33% of all construction fatalities

Varying imagery/measurements between estimators or reports.


10-min. automated inspection, 15 min. bid.

Stay on the ground.

Accurate measurements, ultra-high res imagery.

“We looked at lots of solutions for damage detection, but Loveland does it better.”


So Much More Than Measurements

Ditch those old, tired measurement reports for more accurate measurements, killer imagery, and an all-around better way to get your work done.

Get Started Hassle Free

Drones? AI? New bid process? Sounds tough, but believe us—it’s not. We’ll help you with everything from getting certified to flying your first job.

Account Management

Your account manager has the secrets to IMGING success.

IMGING Inspection Kit

Not sure where to start with hardware? Our kits have everything you need.

Support and Training

Get help by phone, email, or chat. Watch Part 107 and app training anywhere.

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