What Carriers Get From Outsourced Inspections With IMGING

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to get more claim data, faster. While traditionally a method used following a large storm event, there is a compelling case that outsourcing most insurance claims inspections can improve processes and reduce LAE using the right tools. Desk adjusting has long been understood as a concept, but quality and consistent data capture has limited its adoption. What if your team could get all the data they need to desk adjust without ever stepping foot on a property?

Note: Drone Assist is now IMGING On Demand.

Many carriers are turning to drones for insurance claims. With more accurate measurements, safety, consistency, and near-real-time data for your desk adjusters, it’s easy to see why some of the largest carriers are adopting inspection platforms that leverage drones in a meaningful capacity. But there’s another category of carrier that outsources data capture completely and focuses adjuster labor on desk-adjusting alone. Instead of sending skilled adjusters to gather data, they order an on-demand inspection to get detailed data their desk adjusters can use to settle the claim. By increasing the efficiency of experienced adjusters, it’s clear how efficiency rises and LAE drops using this model.

With IMGING On Demand, carriers can order an on-demand, roof and property inspection and have claim data—or even a full estimate—delivered in just a few days. They simply input an address and select who is reviewing the data (our expert adjusters or their own). We’ll send a commercially certified drone-pilot to gather data using the IMGING Inspection Platform and in no time, carriers receive a full estimate or comprehensive claim data including:

  • Ultra-high-res imagery
  • An inspection-grade 3D model
  • Detailed, property-wide measurements
  • AI-powered damage detection
  • Elegant reporting tools
  • The ability to export data into common estimating platforms

If you’ve considered using drones for insurance claims, you’ll definitely want to see if IMGING ON Demand can get you the claim data you need.

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