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What Carriers Get From Outsourced Drone Inspections
1024 576 Casey Morgan

Outsourcing is one of the best ways to get more claim data following a large storm event. But are you sure you’re using every resource available to you? What if your team could get all the data they need to desk adjust without ever stepping foot on a property, no matter the demand? Many carriers…

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Two Ways to Reduce LAE With Drone Solutions
1024 576 Bruce Crankshaw

Innovative insurance leaders look for technologies that improve efficiencies and give policyholders the excellent service they deserve. Perhaps the hottest solutions on the market today use drones to capture data and streamline insurance workflows. Many carriers are looking to drone technology for benefits that range from gains in productivity to more consistent data capture, better…

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Are One-Click Settlements on the Horizon?
600 900 Ethan Kirk

Customer satisfaction is an essential part of any successful company but insurance carriers in particular have a lot to contend with. Claims are stressful events for policyholders and carriers must deliver results fast or their customers will start eying the competition. To settle claims faster, many carriers are relying on insurance claims automation. As Jim…

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