Introducing IMGING On Demand

Why Drone Assist Is Now IMGING On Demand

When we launched Drone Assist a little more than a year ago, the concept was simple. Order an inspection, we’ll send a certified pilot to digitize the roof and property then deliver you the data in our app.

Our customers can access ultra-high-res imagery, 3D models, measurements, and more inside a cloud-based platform. Here, they can collaborate, explore data, use artificial intelligence to find damage, create reports, or export info into estimating platforms.

While the basics haven’t changed, Drone Assist was always a first step toward something bigger.

No two customers are the same and we’re committed to providing a tailored solution to each. Some inspections are focused on the roof, but some need elevation photos.

We recently added a tool called Inspect List to the IMGING app. This tool guides even novices through the inspection process so they can gather and deliver our customers high-quality data across an entire property using a smartphone. Not only can they gather excellent roof data, they can also gather elevation photos, interior photos, or any other photos through a simple, app-guided inspection.

This addition made us realize that the name Drone Assist, while apt initially, had to change. What happens if a customer only wants elevation photos of a particular area? What if the roof isn’t the focus of an insurance claim? The drone is only part of the equation when it comes to delivering property insights to our customers.

And as we consider new services for industries like construction, solar, and more, we felt we needed a name to cover all the services we provide.

That’s why Drone Assist is now IMGING On Demand.

The IMGING app is what makes data capture and analysis possible and On Demand refers to the services we provide using the IMGING app. Put them together and you get the future of Loveland Innovations’ services, all powered by the IMGING platform.

While IMGING On Demand is primarily focused on inspections for insurance carriers today, it will be the banner under which all of our services stand. We have some awesome things planned for the solar industry that will involve streamlining their processes even further. On the construction and roofing side, we’re evaluating offerings that provide contractors with even more of the information they need to bid, sell, and plan jobs successfully.

Stay tuned for more details, we’ll have some exciting announcements around IMGING On Demand in the next little bit.


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