Loveland Innovations Releases IMGING, the Autonomous Drone Inspection Solution Built Specifically for Property Insurance

New solution uses patents-pending flight control to deliver end to end inspection solution with DJI drones. 

ALPINE, Utah, April 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Loveland Innovations®, maker of advanced drone solutions for the P&C Insurance industry, announced today the general availability of IMGING™, a drone inspection solution built specifically for Property Insurance. IMGING is a workflow solution that consists of web and tablet-based applications that automate flight for DJI® drones to collect high resolution imagery. These images are fed into  the IMGING cloud where they’re processed into 3D models and high resolution inspection reports. Using IMGING, Insurance carriers and roofing contractors can see every inch of a roof in incredible detail to produce more accurate damage estimates in less time. This solution is poised to help Insurance carriers cut cycle time by days while increasing customer satisfaction.

IMGING is the product of over 150 years of combined experience in Insuretech under the guidance of Jim Loveland, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Loveland Innovations and the former CEO of Xactware, a Verisk Analytics company. Developed with input from a pool of beta testers and Insurance professionals, IMGING is already giving inspectors the ability to conduct safe and extremely detailed drone-based roof and property inspections in as little as 10 minutes per property. And unlike competing solutions, every aspect of IMGING was built specifically for the Insurance industry.

“Our team knows Property Insurance like no other drone company, so when we set out to design and build IMGING specifically for this industry we knew we couldn’t fly a drone 100 feet above a house, take some pictures and call it good. That’s just not going to get an adjuster off the roof with the data they need to make an informed claims decision,” said Loveland. “Our revolutionary autonomous drone inspection solution takes an off-the-shelf DJI drone and turns it into an vital tool that gives claims adjusters the ability to maximize their time, their invaluable skillsets, and their career longevity by capturing detailed imagery across every square inch of a roof.”

In order to make the best solution possible for Insurance, Loveland Innovations put a heavy focus on hardware accessibility, quality and flexibility. To provide the drones themselves, Loveland partnered with the global leader in drone manufacturing, DJI, for their outstanding flight characteristics and image-capture technologies. “DJI, combined with our flight control in IMGING, makes so much sense,” said Loveland. “You can purchase a Phantom® 4 Pro drone and all needed accessories for under $2K. It’s a game-changer.” IMGING is capable of delivering 1/10 centimeter squared image resolution using off-the-shelf DJI Phantom 4 Pro drones, and its patents-pending flight control does it all automatically and quickly with rigorous consistency across an entire roof.

“In one of our initial beta flights of a house we were amazed at the level of detail we were able to get from the DJI Phantom 4 Pro,” said Leif Larson, Chief Technology Officer of Loveland Innovations. “We were looking through the image report and could clearly identify granular loss to worn asphalt shingles, wind damage from a recent storm and even the smallest hail hits. It’s the sort of detail you have to see to believe.”

“The Phantom 4 Pro is a powerful and robust platform for enterprise applications, and we’re very excited to see how Loveland Innovations has made it a transformative tool for the insurance industry,” said Jan Gasparic, Head of Enterprise Marketing at DJI. “Drones add value to insurance carriers at every step of the business process, from underwriting to claims and even catastrophe coverage. As the industry moves rapidly to adopt drone technology, Loveland Innovations’ IMGING system is ideal for integrating drone coverage into their workflows.”

IMGING was built with scale and efficiency in mind. It easily integrates into existing claims workflows with a web application that Insurance carriers can use to schedule and define inspections ahead of time, assign to adjusters in the field, and organize and track jobs. The tablet application then makes it easy for field users to organize jobs, check airspace, conduct automated flights and create inspection reports with detailed annotations.

IMGING also makes contractors and building inspectors safer by allowing them to do their job without having to climb a roof. “IMGING is intuitive, easy and incredibly fast to use, but above all, it’s safe,” said Jim Kowalski, Owner of Kowalski Construction, Inc. “We do a lot of fire restoration work, which can be dangerous to inspect. But with IMGING, it’s like we’re right there on the roof inspecting everything, but from the safety of the ground. And inspections take far less time, streamlining how we inspect properties.  Best of all, it’s incredible how it sets us apart by impressing everyone who sees it in action along with the amazing results.”

Through a high-tech array of features and solid partnerships with world-renowned business partners, IMGING is revolutionizing the Property Insurance industry. With IMGING in their toolkits, inspectors, adjusters and Insurance companies can elevate the quality of their work from initial claim to inspection to cutting a check for a satisfied policyholder. Through a laser-focus on the Insurance industry and a simple, affordable package, IMGING truly sets the stage for the future of Insurance inspections.

IMGING is priced at $45 per completed scan and is now available. For more information, visit


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