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IMGING® helps you gather and analyze property information by turning a drone and your mobile device into an advanced inspection toolkit. It automates drone-based image capture, organizes ground and drone photos, provides measurements, and aids data analysis with AI and deep learning tools simple enough for anyone to use.

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Gather incredible roof and property data from ground and sky and let IMGING digitize it for easy online analysis and report building.



Organize and review images, use AI damage detection, view measurements and models.



Create polished reports and bids to share with customers. Export inspection data into estimatics platforms

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Handheld Inspection

Get comprehensive property data straight into your hands. Use an iOS-powered mobile device to help turn data into insights, detailed reports, job-winning bids, and rock-solid decisions.


The best hardware for the best decisions. From easy-to-fly drones to a dedicated IMGING tablet and all the accessories, we assembled all the equipment you need in one awesome, easy to use kit.

IMGING Inspection Kit

Each kit includes:

  • Phantom 4 Pro Drone and Controller
  • Online Part 107 training
  • 9.7” Apple iPad (optional)
  • 3 additional batteries
  • Battery charging hub
  • Car charging adapter
  • 1 full set of extra propellers
  • Memory card
  • Carrying case
  • 12” Lightning cable
  • DJI Lanyard

*Kits may vary by package/promo


The full IMGING Inspection kit comes with thorough online Part 107 training, web-based IMGING training led by our training experts, and a library of training video assets you can access on-demand.

Part 107 Training

To conduct roof and property inspections commercially, you need a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA.

If you purchased an IMGING kit, access to training is included. Our friends at Drone Pilot Ground School make this process incredibly simple through a robust series of online videos, study guides, and other materials that just about guarantee you’ll pass your test the first time.

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