Digitize. Analyze. Act.

Digitize structures or properties, then explore, measure, and analyze them using artificial intelligence.

Triple Bid Output & Win More Work

Reduce LAE & Improve Cycle Times

Reduce Creation Costs & Design Time

Inspections Elevated

IMGING® is a property data and inspection platform that helps you gather and analyze property information. It makes consistent data capture easy using an iOS device or automated drone, provides precise measurements, solar shading analysis, organizes photos, uses automated artificial intelligence to identify potential damage, and makes reporting, sharing, and collaboration simple.

The Old Way

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“We’ve well over doubled our number of site surveys with the same people.”


Our Technology


Use IMGING to digitize properties, analyze with AI and act on your findings. Digitally transform your claims with property data centralization. 



Are you looking for a remote claims solution? Give us an address. Our team will use IMGING to gather and deliver you superior roof and property data for less.

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