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Get comprehensive property data straight into your hands. Use an iOS-powered mobile device to help turn data into insights, detailed reports, job-winning bids, and rock-solid decisions. Supplement drone data with handheld data capture.

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IMGING’s Handheld Inspection™ is a brilliant tool to inspect, measure, and bid any property with confidence. It facilitates consistent data capture, organizes photos, uses A.I. to identify potential damage, and makes sharing and collaboration easy. With IMGING’s hand-held inspection capability, you’ll work faster and smarter with a tool simple enough for anyone to use. 



Gather incredible property data on your iOS device and let IMGING digitize it for easy online analysis and report building.



Organize and review images, use AI damage detection, view measurements and models.



Create polished reports and bids to share with customers.

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Drone Inspection

With the help of a drone, perform property scans to gather aerial imagery, create 3D models, and more.

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