Visualization Tools Every Roofer and Contractor Should Know About 

We’ve all heard the saying, “Show, don’t tell.” While this advice usually applies to writers, the concept is just as important for contractors or anyone selling in a the home service business market. People don’t want you to tell them what you’re going to do to their house; they want to see it. Which means you need to provide your clients with visuals of the current state of their property they don’t see – like a damaged roof – or changes that you will be making. Your visuals could be pictures of previous jobs you’ve done, which shows your clients their options and also the caliber of your work. Or you can create custom renderings of what their home could look like after you’ve completed your work. 

But unless you’re a Photoshop wizard, you need another way to create or alter images of clients’ homes. So, here are some free visualization tools contractors can use to better serve their clients. 

3D Models for Current-state Inspections

Loveland Innovations – IMGING 

With Loveland’s IMGING app, you can create 3D models to include in bids. You can also use the app to inspect and measure a home without getting on a ladder or use the drone inspection technology to document unseen to the property owner damage or needed repairs. Drone inspections require a drone, while a handheld inspection with a smartphone app is different. 3D models are available with the drone inspection functionality. Once you’ve taken pictures of a property, the app organizes the photos, identifies potential damage, provides measurements, and creates inspection-grade 3D models to visualize the current state of the property. 

You can also easily create reports with the IMGING app. So, if you need to include a 3D model generated in the IMGING app and a rendering of new paint and siding from another visualization tool, IMGING can put it all together in one professional bid. 

Home Exterior – Virtual Remodeler 

The GAF Home Remodeler tool is similar to CertainTeed’s tool because it allows you to upload photos of your client’s home or use model home images available on their site. While GAF is the largest roofing material manufacturer in the United States, they also provide options to customize a home’s exterior wall, trim, and door color. – Exterior Style and Color Selector 

This tool lets you use custom color palettes and building materials to create a unique home exterior. You can either upload a photo of your client’s home and actually alter the image with new colors and materials, or choose a pre-loaded image that’s similar to your client’s home. You can quickly create a custom exterior by choosing the color and style of your roofing, siding, trim, shutters, door, and more. 

Siding – The Home Color Tool   

The Home Color Tool allows you to experiment with color palettes on different home types. First, you choose your main color for the home. Then, you can see renderings of different color combinations with lap or shingles. The tool doesn’t allow you to upload a photo of a home and try different siding colors, but the different house style options give you a good idea of what to expect. Then you can simply add the rendering from the House Color Visualizer to your bid. 

As a roofer or contractor, you probably thought your job would consist of only home improvement and renovation work. But it turns out that to win clients, you need to be able to show, not tell. So, take advantage of the technology available to you, and start winning new clients. 



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