Why Roofers Should Use Xactimate

Why Roofers Should Use Xactimate

As a roofer, having the right tools can make all the difference. Xactimate is a standout solution that helps roofers create accurate and detailed estimates, whether it’s for a minor repair or a complete roof installation. It simplifies complex tasks, pulls together crucial details like measurements, materials, and labor, and stays updated with the latest pricing data as a trusted third-party source for repair costs. This ensures that your quotes are not only precise but also competitive. Plus, when dealing with insurance claims, Xactimate makes it easy to upload on-site data, photos, and notes, smoothing out communication with insurance companies and speeding up the claims process. Let’s dive into how Xactimate, especially when used with Loveland Innovations’ IMGING technology, can transform your roofing projects. 


What is Xactimate? 

Xactimate streamlines the way roofers create estimates for everything from simple repairs to full-blown installations. It conveniently breaks down complex tasks like drafting detailed roof sketches into manageable steps, pulling together all the crucial details—measurements, materials, and labor—into one sleek estimate. It’s also constantly updated with the latest pricing data, ensuring that roofers can offer quotes that are not just accurate, but competitive too. 

On top of making estimates easier, Xactimate is helpful for roofing projects that involve insurance claims. It lets roofers effortlessly upload data from on-site assessments, including photos and detailed notes, straight into their estimates. This smooths out communications with insurance companies, helping to speed up the claims process and improve overall client satisfaction.  


Benefits of Using Xactimate 

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Xactimate saves significant time and resources during the estimate creation process, thanks to its automation and detailed pricing information. No more walking through the hardware store to figure out how much everything costs. 

Precision and Professionalism: The software ensures that estimates are both detailed and precise, providing access to the latest and most reliable pricing information available. 

Comprehensive Management Tools: It offers extensive features for managing and organizing projects efficiently, from inception to completion. 


How Xactimate Works 

Xactimate simplifies the process of estimating building costs with a clear, step-by-step approach: 

  1. Data Input: Users enter sketches, upload photos, and add GPS coordinates. This information is saved in the cloud, allowing access from any device. 
  2. Cost Analysis: The software examines the costs of materials, labor, and equipment using large databases to establish average prices. 
  3. Integration of Additional Data: Xactimate also includes other important data like taxes and workers’ compensation to round out the estimates. 


Understanding Xactimate Estimates 

An Xactimate estimate is neatly organized into sections that represent different parts of the property, like the roof. Each section clearly outlines the necessary work, the quantities needed, and the related costs. For insurance claims, it includes extra details such as depreciation and the actual cash value after depreciation. At the end of the estimate, there’s a summary that neatly lists all the totals and additional expenses, such as contractor fees and taxes, providing a clear and concise overview. 


Should Roofers Use Xactimate? 

The short answer – absolutely.  It’s not just about getting the price right; it’s about ensuring that the line items in your estimates match those used by insurers. This alignment is crucial for accurately defining the scope of work. If you’re using different estimating software, insurance companies might not understand your estimates, leading to potential delays and complications. By using Xactimate, roofers can communicate effectively with insurance companies, ensuring smoother claims processes and better outcomes for their clients. 


Estimating a Roof with Xactimate 

Roof estimation with Xactimate involves several precise steps: 

  1. Building Outline: Import measurements directly from IMGING by Loveland Innovations.
  2. Use Digital Imagery: Enhance the sketch with digital images, marking the locations to provide context.
  3. Material and Waste Calculations: Automatically calculate materials like shingles and underlayment directly from the sketch.


Why Insurance Companies Prefer Xactimate 

Xactimate stands out in the industry for its precision and dependability in handling property claims, earning it widespread trust among insurance agents and restoration professionals. Beyond its structured approach, its comprehensive database ensures that every estimate reflects current market conditions and pricing, enhancing the credibility and accuracy of the assessments. 


Who Uses Xactimate? 

  • Insurance claims agents 
  • Roofing contractors 
  • Restoration and renovation contractors 
  • General contractors 
  • Inspection companies 


The software enhances understanding of estimates, ensuring clear communication and reducing confusion. 


Xactimate Integration with Loveland Innovations’ IMGING 

For roofing professionals, integrating Xactimate with Loveland Innovations’ IMGING technology is highly effective. IMGING, developed by Jim Loveland (former president and CEO of Xactware, the creators of Xactimate), enhances roofing processes with AI-driven damage detection and automated drone inspections. This combination not only improves estimation accuracy but also fits seamlessly into Xactimate’s digital workflow, making the process faster and more precise. 

With IMGING Flight, you can easily import measurements, inspection reports, and detailed roof data directly into Xactimate. This integration streamlines your workflow, increasing the speed and accuracy of property claims and restoration projects. 

IMGING Flight’s drone technology allows for quick and safe roof inspections, particularly useful for complex or steep roofs. By automating data collection and providing AI-powered damage detection, IMGING ensures the information is both precise and ready for quick analysis. This leads to faster claim resolutions and more efficient project execution, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness. 



For roofers, integrating Xactimate with IMGING by Loveland Innovations can significantly enhance your workflow. Xactimate provides accurate, detailed estimates, while IMGING’s AI-driven damage detection and drone inspections add precision and efficiency to the process. This combination streamlines your operations and improves communication with insurance companies, leading to faster claim resolutions and higher client satisfaction. By adopting these tools, you can handle complex projects more efficiently, stay competitive in the market, and consistently deliver excellent results. If you’re looking to elevate your roofing business, using Xactimate and IMGING together is a smart move. 

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