Fast Track Your Inspection Reports with Auto-Confirm Damage

Fast Track Your Inspection Reports with Auto-Confirm Damage

At Loveland Innovations, we’re constantly pushing the envelope to bring you the most advanced technology for property inspections. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a new feature update to our IMGING reporting platform with a new Auto-Confirm Damage feature. 


Introducing Auto-Confirm Damage 

Gone are the days of manually sorting through countless images to find roof damage. With Auto-Confirm Damage in IMGING, you can now streamline this process significantly. The feature, represented by a wand icon, allows you to automatically pull any image with detected roof damage into your reports. Any damage found on images above your company’s default confidence level will automatically be added to your property inspection report. This innovative feature leverages our cutting-edge AI damage detection technology, ensuring you get accurate roof damage reports. 


How It Works 

Using the Auto-Confirm Damage is incredibly simple: 

  1. Upload Photos: After gathering images from your inspection, upload them onto the IMGING platform via Detect or Flight.
  2. AI Damage Detection: Run AI damage detection which analyzes the images in real-time, identifying areas with potential damage.
  3. Click the Magic Wand: By clicking the Auto-Confirm Damage icon, the system will automatically select and pull all images with detected roof damage above your company’s default confidence setting into your report.

  *Note: Auto-Confirm Damage is only available on the web and not the mobile app.


Key Benefits 

1. Save Time 

Auto-Confirm Damage drastically reduces the time spent on report preparation. Instead of manually sifting through hundreds of images, you can now compile your report with just a single click. 

2. Improve Accuracy 

Our advanced AI ensures that the images included in your report are relevant and accurate, highlighting the exact areas of damage.  

By automating the image selection process, you can focus on more critical aspects of your inspection and estimation tasks. This improvement allows for quicker turnaround times and increased customer satisfaction. 


Try It Today 

We invite you to experience the convenience and efficiency of Auto-Confirm Damage reporting for yourself. Update your IMGING app to the latest version and start transforming your inspection workflow today. 

At Loveland Innovations, we’re committed to making your job easier and more efficient. This new feature is just the latest example of innovation and the power of AI to revolutionize the roofing industry. 


Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from Loveland Innovations as we continue to enhance our technology to meet your needs. 




About Loveland Innovations 

Loveland Innovations is a leader in developing AI-driven technologies for the roofing and insurance industries. Our flagship product, IMGING, leverages advanced drone-based inspections, AI damage detection, and seamless integration with industry-standard tools to provide comprehensive and accurate property inspections. 

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