How Roofers Can Crush Four of the Biggest Sales Challenges

Many contractors still measure, inspect, and sell roofs using measurement reports, ladders and tape measures – why should they change what already works? Why fix what isn’t broken?

The truth is, there are technologies changing a roofing company’s ability to create bids and close more business. For instance, using drones in construction can completely transform the work and how it gets done. A drone roof inspection, as opposed to a conventional one, offers real-time data and extensive detail, permitting a more comprehensive property assessment without risking the safety of employees. Drone roof measurements are accurate, and roof inspection reports are easily created and accessed, providing roofers with the information they need on the spot.

So instead of wondering why you should fix something that isn’t broken, maybe ask yourself whether you’re really doing your best work. Is your sales process driving your business into the digital age or preventing you from growing and achieving your goals?

For many, it comes down to profitability. When competition becomes fierce, expenses climb, and labor runs dry, it becomes difficult to grow business, much less make tidy profits. Roofing companies must find a balance between getting more work and getting more of the right work. Profitability is a function of how many roofs you can sell, but it’s also a function of how well you can outfox your competition, draw in new laborers, enable savings, and find efficiencies at every turn. In general, maximizing profitability falls into a few categories, all of which can be redefined by tweaking your sales approach.

  • Competition – Roofing can be a cutthroat business, but one that rewards the diligent. Top roofers must constantly strive for maximum productivity with minimum wasted expense and effort, while using the best tools to do so. Minor shifts in efficiency can affect major shifts in your competitive positioning.
  • Customer Service – For a roofer, interactions with customers, and the grade of service offered to them are everything. Efficiency informs high-quality service, which in turn contributes to rock-solid relationships with customers and credibility with prospects. The right sales process will in no small way help you win new business and keep it in the long run, cementing trust that lasts the life of your company.
  • Employee Safety and Wellbeing – How you take care of employees directly affects your company image (more on this in a moment), as well as your ability to attract new personnel. Looking to stay on top? By promoting safe practices for estimators, and prioritizing their safety, you are proving that your company is an excellent place to work. Not to mention the amount of money you can save on Worker’s Comp by taking the correct approach.
  • Company Reputation – To say the very least, reputation is pivotal for roofing companies. Finding new business, drawing in new laborers, and promoting yourself as a leader in the market all rest on reputation. The speed and standard of work you provide compared to your competition matters. Awareness of your customer’s specific needs, and your ability to tend to them matter. Your capacity for taking care of employees matters. Even the way your workers present themselves on job (from their dress and the tools they use, to how they exhibit their expertise to customers) makes a difference in reputability.

So Where Do You Start?

Upgrading your sales approach begins simply by asking yourself the right questions. Are you using the latest tools to get the work done? Are you discovering new ways to measure and inspect? Is it time to start employing drones, smartphone apps, and other sophisticated technologies in your processes? If you’re already using tools like these, are you certain that you are getting value from them? Are they helping you accomplish more with less? Are they helping you close business, save time, secure leads, and build trust? If the answer is no, it may be time to find something that does.


Traditional methods work, but modern means work better. Whether you’re a mid-size roofing company climbing your way to the top, or a market leader commanding the space, it’s wise to consider just how much your sales process impacts your entire organization, and more importantly, how it can be improved.

In our next piece, we’ll discuss a few specific approaches to sales that will not only help you address the issues above, but also help you increase close rates and profitability at large.


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