A Look at the Report Builder in IMGING

A Look at the Report Builder in IMGING 1024 576 Casey Morgan

We’re excited to announce the availability of IMGING version 2.5! Download the latest version of IMGING from the Apple app store to get:

IMGING Report Builder

We added a report builder tool with some great features. Instead of only being able to add photos by annotating them, you can now add any photos, instances of damage, or annotations to any report just by selecting them. You can now create reports two to three times faster.

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Inspection Report Enhancements

In the inspection report, we’ve added an image that shows where the drone was flying when it took a photo. This makes it easier to see exactly where the drone was flying when it snapped a photo.

These updates will affect the user experience for all new and old jobs, which means you can recreate reports on any job if you’d like. As always, we love your feedback. Let us know what you think by reaching out to your account manager or our support team.

Casey Morgan
Casey Morgan

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