Are One-Click Settlements on the Horizon?

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Customer satisfaction is an essential part of any successful company but insurance carriers in particular have a lot to contend with. Claims are stressful events for policyholders and carriers must deliver results fast or their customers will start eying the competition. To settle claims faster, many carriers are relying on insurance claims automation. As Jim Loveland explores in this piece for Claims Magazine, carriers can harness the power of drones and artificial intelligence to make the claims process more efficient from end to end.

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Josh Jensen
Josh Jensen

Josh Jensen is the Marketing Specialist at Loveland Innovations. His focus is producing compelling blog articles, social media posts, and other digital content. He’s currently attending Utah Valley University pursuing a degree in communications with a public relations concentration. Josh is a member of Utah Valley’s wrestling team and a co-head coach at Pride Wrestling Club. When he’s not at Loveland or a wrestling event, he enjoys hiking, fishing, and reading.

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