November’s Best Drone Articles

Another month is in the books and with it, more drone news. This month, drones found use cases in wildlife conservation, emergency response, and organ delivery. Done use is becoming widespread, so let’s dig into some of Novembers best drone articles.

Niger Begins Using Drones for Wildlife Protection

Drones have a niche in Africa. In Niger, they are turning to drone technology to help protect endangered species. The drones are monitoring animals on a massive reserve to combat the threats of poaching and overgrazing. Read full article.

Drones Can Help Find Missing Hikers According to MIT

First responders are quickly finding innovative use cases for drones. Researchers have developed drone technology that uses drones to map out terrain with algorithms that will help drones identify unexplored areas and areas that have already been searched. Researchers hope to give the drones object detection to identify missing people easier. Read full article.

The Public and Commercial Impact of Drone Technology

Fires have been burning for the last few months. This article talks about using drone technology to fight fires and how the technology provides better situational awareness for emergency responders. Read full article.

DJI Matrice 600 Pro Delivers Kidney

Drone deliveries are becoming a reality. While you still can’t get a bike dropped in your front yard in time for Christmas by a drone, you could have a desperately needed organ delivered quickly thanks to the power of drone technology. Read full article.


As we draw closer to the end of 2018, drones keep impacting industries in positive ways. It will be interesting to see what advancements come in December so be sure to come on back to our blog to get updated on the awesome advancements drones will make.


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