Weekly Update: We Did Some Big Things — Real Big Things

We’ve done some awesome things over the last few weeks and plenty of the news is still hot off the presses. In case you missed the fun, here are some of the things we’ve been up to (and what it might mean for you and for the Insurance industry).

IMGING Is Officially Available

That’s right. Our drone-based property solution is now generally available for anyone who wants to do faster, safer, more accurate roof inspections with drones. This is epic for us and for the Insurance industry because it’s truly the first Insurance-first drone solution to hit the market—ever. Curious how it works? Check out the IMGING product page to find out.


Partnerships Aplenty

While IMGING is here to start changing the way inspections are done, we recognized that insurance pros getting into commercial drone flights need a few other things to make their flights safe, easy, and compliant with FAA regulations. In order to make it dead simple for IMGING users, we cemented partnerships with some of the industry’s best and brightest:

Incredible Hardware from DJI
When you think of small drones, you think of DJI. Their drones have advanced obstacle avoidance sensors, high-quality cameras, they’re reliable, affordable, and yeah—they look freakin’ sweet. For all these reasons, we partnered with DJI as the sole provider of drones for IMGING. We picked a few of our favorites to be a part of the solution (the Mavic Pro, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, and the Inspire 2.0), but no matter which you decide to use, you get an incredible sensor package, simple fly-ability, and fantastic support from DJI. Don’t have one yet? We can set you up.

Read more about our partnership with DJI.

On-Demand Drone Insurance from Verifly
We forged a relationship with a leader in the drone insurance space, Verifly. They provide full-coverage drone insurance so drone pilots can buy a quick, per-flight policy with a few taps in an app. As every insurance pro knows, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and our awesome new partner is here to give pilots the coverage they need. Drone accidents are unlikely, but should they occur, a pilot can rest easy knowing a policy is in place if they need it.

Read more about our partnership with Verifly.

Commercial Drone Regulation Training (Part 107) from UAV Coach
Some prospective drone pilots do a double-take when they find out there are FAA regulations governing commercial drone flights, but guess what? They’re actually quite simple — all you need to do is pass a test to get a Remote Airman’s Certificate. Luckily, through our partnership with UAV Coach, IMGING users can get the best drone regulation and Part 107 training available so they can past the test with ease. Their online courses have helped thousands of pilots take to the skies with superior knowledge of airspace regulations, weather patterns, flight protocols, and more. Oh, and their students have an incredible 99% rate of pass on their first attempts. Not bad, right?

Read more about our partnership with UAV Coach.


Racking up Some Sky Miles: See IMGING in Person

In just a few short weeks, we’ll be on our way to the Contractor Connection Conference and Expo in St. Louis, Missouri, where we’ll be showing off IMGING as we fly over the famous St. Louis arch—just kidding. But really, we will be demonstrating the IMGING solution as well as conducting training sessions to help attendees understand regulations around commercial drone use, including an overview and explanation of the Part 107 exam.

Schedule a time to meet with our team at the Contractor Connection Conference and Expo 2017.


More on the Horizon…

This is just the beginning. We’ll be here each week with the latest in updates from Loveland Innovations including deep-dive updates to our software, new tech rollouts, the latest in partnerships, nerdy stuff about drones, and more. So buckle up, the runway is all clear.


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