Inside Instant Roof Measurements: How Speed Squares Works

Not every job needs highly detailed measurements, some just need an instant estimate for a quick bid. That’s why we added Speed Squares to the IMGING app.

With Speed Squares, you can instantly get the total squares of a roof so you can decide if you even want the job, then scribble a quick bid if you do. It can be used on-site or remotely, so you don’t have to drive to the job to get an estimate. You don’t need a drone or a tape measure and you don’t need to overpay for a basic measurement report. Best of all, Speed Squares averages 96 percent accuracy for total roof squares.

It’s dirt simple:

    • Type in an address on your phone or desktop
    • Outline the perimeter of the roof
    • Enter the pitch
    • See the total squares

When to Use Speed Squares Vs. When to Fly for Roof Measurements

Speed Squares is an awesome way to get measurements for a quick bid or to give you a general idea of what a roofing job will take, but when it’s time to write a detailed bid, order materials, or plan your job, you need more information than total squares.

Since Speed Squares is a part of the IMGING Handheld inspection package, you can get everything you need for high-caliber, detailed estimates and reports with a quick, automated IMGING drone flight. Plus, it costs around what you’d pay for the simplified measurement reports most vendors but offers way more value. A full scan gets you:

      • Accurate facet-specific measurements on a detailed 3D model
      • Ultra-high-res imagery and a way to organize and annotate them
      • Automated damage detection that shows you where roof damage is
      • An easy way to bundle images, notes, and more in a shareable report
      • In-app bid tools so you can fly it, bid it, and get it done ASAP

Curious how IMGING can triple your estimate output, keep estimators safe, and bring your roofing company into the digital world?

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