This Month’s Best Drone Articles (October)

This Month’s Best Drone Articles (October) 150 150 Ethan Kirk

This month has brought some fascinating advances to the world of drones. We’ve seen new, powerful micro-drones, an uptick in drone usage for disaster response following large storms like Hurricane Michael, as well many other compelling uses. Let’s take a look at the most interesting drone-focused news articles we’ve come across this month.

A New Palm-Sized Drone Is Mini, but Mighty

Drones come in all shapes and sizes. This new drone is small but can reel in objects 40 times its mass. If engineers can apply similar principals in larger drones, the applications might range from commercial delivery to human transport. Read full article.

Establishing a Drone Business with Part 107 in Construction

Construction pros in every niche are finding drones to be a useful and even essential tool. If you’re wondering how to start integrating drones into your construction workflows, this article is a great read. Side note: if you’re in roofing, we have a drone inspection platform that might interest you. Read full article.

First Responders Get Leg up Through Drone Use

With the recent hurricanes, first responders are using drones to serve their communities and help people who are in need after the damage brought by the natural disasters. Read full article.

Drones and AI Ward Off Shark Attacks as Predators Hunt Closer to Shore

Yes, you read that correctly. Scientists are using drones to keep people safe from shark attacks. This is a fascinating read for any technology, drone, or shark enthusiast. Read full article.

For Hurricane Recovery, Drones Offer New Perspective

Hurricanes bring a lot of devastation and damage with them. Drones are becoming an essential tool for relief efforts, and this article unpacks all the ways they’re making a difference for communities affected by large storms. Users of our inspection platform, IMGING, are getting some eye-opening imagery of the damage. Read full article.


There was a lot of drone news this month. As you can tell, drones are impacting the world and industry in many awesome ways – the use cases are diverse and growing but we’ll be around to to help you stay up to date in the ever-evolving drone industry.

Ethan Kirk
Ethan Kirk

Ethan is the Marketing Director and press contact at Loveland Innovations. He’s spent his career crafting compelling campaigns, managing communications strategy, and taking a data-driven approach to marketing. Salt Lake City born but California raised, he spends his free time exploring with his family.

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