No Longer a Fad: Why Insurance Adjusters Need Drones

The insurance industry is experiencing big changes for the first time in a long time. As technology evolves and customer demands and expectations change, professionals in all industries need to adapt or get left behind. For insurance adjusters, drones are the next great way to make customers happy. Drones aren’t just a cool alternative to traditional insurance adjusting, they’re becoming imperative for insurance carriers hoping to meet their goals.

Incredible Increase in Speed

Traditional insurance adjusting is a time-consuming process. After arriving at a property, an adjuster might need a messy truckload of equipment ranging from ladders to digital cameras, tape measures, and clipboards just to get the information they need. This can take an hour or depending on the roof. When insurance adjusters have drones, they can finish an entire inspection and leave the job in as little as 10 minutes. They simply map out the drone’s flight pattern and send it on its way to collect roof data. This speed advantage allows adjusters to visit more properties each day and double—maybe triple their output.

No More Falls From Roofs

When an adjuster climbs on a roof, the risk of falling is always present. Falls can have major consequences for an insurance carrier and the adjuster. Falls aren’t cheap for a company and they can physically incapacitate proficient workers, cause psychological damage and death in the worst cases. With a drone, insurance adjusters never have to run the risk of falling. They can inspect an entire roof from the safety of the ground.

Innovative Tech Features

Drones often integrate with software that helps insurance adjusters do their jobs better. Many drone solutions have artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities that do awesome things such as automatic damage detection. This technology can detect small hail strikes that could be easily passed over by the human eye and saves a ton of time when it comes to analyzing imagery because it draws their eye to the important details. Insurance adjusters can know that they have identified all the damage and have great data to support their decision making during the adjusting and claims process.

Customer Satisfaction

We live in world of overnight delivery, fast food, and instant gratification. People are accustomed to not waiting around to get the goods and services they pay for. Insurance isn’t an exception. Luckily, with drone solutions insurers can increase efficiency by up to 40%. With drones, insurance adjusters get inspections done and process the data faster on the back end. With these two massive benefits, customers get their roof repairs done and resume their normal lives earlier than they would have if the insurance adjuster did things the inefficient, traditional way.


Drones aren’t a fad. If trends continue, we’re going to see a lot more drones in the sky (7 million by 2020) performing tasks for industries on all ends of the spectrum. Insurance adjusters need drones to deliver great results to their customers and meet new demands and expectations.

If you’re interested in getting started with using drones for insurance adjusting, check out IMGING.


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