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Why Drone-Created 3D Models Matter to Roofers

Drones have made big strides over a short period of time. Industry professionals are discovering new and innovative ways to implement them into existing workflows, and roofing is well-suited to add drones to their toolset. Many roofers know about drones and some have begun to use them, but few roofers are unlocking the full potential of drones. Roofers who are intrigued by drones should know that right drone solution can provide more than basic imagery. More sophisticated solutions can gather measurements and even create detailed 3D models. While many roofers might shrug off the thought of having a 3D model of a structure they’re repairing, the fact is they can be a valuable asset to roofers. Here’s why roofers should start thinking about how 3D models can impact their workflows.

More Efficient Roof Measurements

Roofers don’t normally make models for their projects. However, many sketch out a project’s facets and measurements on a clipboard. This traditional method can be time consuming, and it’s easy to make mistakes. If a roofer uses a drone solution to gather roof data and create a 3D model, they can have a full, digital representation of the project. To make bidding easier, they can see the total squares, or click a facet to get measurements on a single area if they’re only repairing a portion of the roof. This can save estimators a ton of time (particularly on large commercial projects), which means they can get bids to customers faster.

Measure More Than Roofs

Red arrow shows how point to point measurements work on a window

3D models allow roofing contractors to view the home in its entirety, or specific areas depending on the type of project. This is useful because a lot of roofers do more than just roofing work. Many do siding, gutters, and even windows, which means more manual measuring. But with 3D models, estimators can quickly measure areas like these with point to point measurements. This lets them add line items for roof replacements and repairs, along with siding, gutters and windows.

More Customer Transparency

In some areas, it’s common for entire communities to have steep roofs that are difficult and dangerous to get on top of. In areas like these, residents will rarely climb on top of their own roofs for obvious safety reasons. If a small leak goes unnoticed for too long, this could mean that the roof needs extensive repairs. Roofers that use 3D models get an opportunity to show a customer where the leak is in relation to the entire structure – not just a few photos. This way, a customer knows exactly where the damage is on their roof and can trust that the bid is fair and accurate. Roofers can even fly the roof again when their done with their work to show the customer how great the roof repairs are.

Marketing Material

3D models can also be good marketing and promotional material. Roofers can put pictures of these models on their website and circulate them through social media accounts for great, eye catching content. Models can also be a great avenue to promote a company’s services. 3D models created with a drone solution are a great way to show off a roofing company’s capabilities and prove that they invest in the best technologies.


Drones are continuing to revolutionize the world. 3D models are just one of the many benefits drones are bringing to the roofing industry. 3D model creation is quick and gives roofers accurate data to leverage better decision making. They give roofers another tool to help build trust with their customers and produce the results that help them stand out and win more business.


Curious how drones can help your roofing company? Check out this page.


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