Weekly Update: We’re Patented

Since our last update, we’ve kept our noses to the grindstone to get even more great work done. Here’s what we’ve been working on since our last update.

IMGING Earns a Patent
Early this month, we secured our first (but definitely not last) patent for IMGING. Our patent relates to the use of our drone-based image capture techniques for roof and property inspections. Basically, we did some awesome things with drone inspections that nobody else in the world is doing quite like us. If you’d like to get a gander at what we mean, check out how IMGING works.

Partnership with Roofer’s Coffee Shop
Roofer’s Coffee Shop is where roofers go to… well… talk roofing. They’ve got a solid track record of being the absolute best place for a roofing pro to go if they need advice, want to provider mentorship, or even just see what new trends and tools are on the rise in their industry. We’re excited to be their new partner.

Check them out at:

Latest Blog Posts
The last few weeks we’ve published a few handy blog articles that cover some topics anyone new to drone inspections can benefit from:

What You Need to Fly Drones the Safe and Compliant Way – This piece is exactly what it sounds like: a handful of things you’ll want to do to get in the sky while staying safe (and legal).

How Drones are Shaking Up These Five Industries – Insurance is just one of the many industries that are flying to new heights (ha!) using drone technology. This piece covers a handful of the others.

Contractor Connect is Right on the Horizon
We’ll soon be headed to the Contractor Connection Conference and Expo in St. Louis, Missouri. We’ll cover topics that range from commercial drone regulations, Part 107, as well as just what the heck a drone can do for insurance pros.

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