The Sky’s the Limit: How IMGING Detect Expands AI in Roof Inspections

Good news roofing pros and drone inspection enthusiasts; today is your lucky day. Buckle up, as I’m about to introduce you to the newest AI-powered drone product from Loveland Innovations. If you are reading this, you probably already know about IMGING Flight 

IMGING Flight is the leading drone inspection solution on the market today. For years it has been used by roofers to safely inspect roofs, win more work, and keep workers and homeowners happy. Since its introduction six years ago it has ingested and analyzed millions upon millions of roof images while inspecting more than 1.3 billion sq feet of roofs.  

Using IMGING Flight for roof inspections is like giving superpowers to your inspections with IMGING software running on the sleek DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise’s controller in your hand.  

IMGING Detect – Making AI Even Easier 

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. You know about Flight and want to use AI in your roof inspections. You want to create killer inspection reports. You even have a drone, but it’s not a supported drone for IMGING Flight. In cases like this we present to you, IMGING Detect. This beauty is the answer to every “Do you support my drone?” question. It’s the Swiss Army knife in the world of drone inspections.  

Detect allows you to upload any drone photos into our iOS app or desktop IMGING web portal for immediate AI analysis. We let you pick between iOS uploads for onsite reporting or expanded reporting functionality on desktop. Whatever you choose, Detect has your workflow covered. 

So, Why IMGING Detect? 

In a nutshell, IMGING Detect is like giving wings to your roofing business. It’s about making the most of what you already have, boosting it with AI that’s been trained by the best (millions of roof images, remember?). It’s about efficiency, accuracy, and, let’s face it, a bit of techy bragging rights by using the best computer vision AI available anywhere. 

Whether you’re a seasoned roofer or a newbie to the drone and AI tech game, IMGING Detect is your ticket to the big leagues. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about inspecting roofs; it’s about doing it smarter, faster, and with a touch of tech wizardry. 

Four Simple Steps to Use IMGING Detect 

Unlocking the power of IMGING Detect is a breeze with its straightforward four-step process. Before beginning this process, you will need to capture roof shots with your drone as step begins after 

Step 1: Capture From the Sky – Capture your roof shots with your drone, any drone. Cruise over shingles and tiles, snapping images that tell a tale of weather and damage. This is where your journey with IMGING Detect begins – once you have inspected with your drone 

Step 2: Upload and Unleash AI Power – First you choose your approach: your trusty mobile with the IMGING iOS app or your steadfast desktop computer. Upload those photos and let the AI analysis begin. It’s like casting a spell to unveil hidden roof mysteries. 

Step 3: Analyze to Amaze – Now, the spotlight is on AI. Analyze on either the IMGING App or desktop interface. Tweak the confidence level as you watch it dissect every photo, uncovering clues of damage across a spectrum of materials and types.  

Step 4: Report Crafting Finale – Transform your findings into an urgency-driving, inspection report masterpiece. Whether you’re tapping away on your iOS app or crafting it on your computer using all the additional desktop features, it’s your story to tell. Present your findings with confidence. 

A Little Disclaimer 

While IMGING Detect is a marvel in damage detection, it’s important to know its limits. It can’t do everything. For instance, if you’re looking for drone roof measurements, automated flight, or 3D models, you’re going to need IMGING Flight.  

But don’t worry, if you’re just after measurements to pair with IMGING Detect’s AI, there’s a solution: Pre-Site Measurements. It’s the perfect middle-ground for those who need the specifics but aren’t ready for the full suite of features offered by IMGING Flight. 

Ready to Fly? 

Ready to give your roofing inspections a tech makeover? Got a drone and a dream? IMGING Detect is waiting. And because everyone loves a good deal, how about a 33% discount off the first month to get you started? 


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