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Our customers are leveraging IMGING’s content rich reports to support insurance claims, roof bids, and building trust with their customers.

Customized Reports

So you have all this property data, now what do you do with it? IMGING makes it easy to bundle it into a one of a kind report.

Company Branding

Solidify legitimacy with your customers by placing your logo on your reports. 

Text Pages

Summarize the content, provide context, by inserting custom text pages. 

Drag and Drop

Tell a detailed story from start to finish of your property.

AI Damage Detection

Let our AI do the heavy lifting by providing examples of damage in your report.


Call attention to certain areas of a photo by placing annotations.

Company Branding

Create a personal and professional piece for your customers with the ability to add your company logo and color branding. 

Text Page

Summarize data, add context, or include useful job or company information by inserting a custom text page. 

Drag and Drop

Customize the order of your report pages and assets to tell a detailed story of the property.

AI Damage Detection

We’ll find the damage, you confirm it, and then include examples in your report to solidify trust with your customers. 


Call attention to certain areas of your property with. Include them in your report insuring that everyone in your company is on the same page.

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Drone roof inspections? AI? New bid process? Sounds tough, but believe us—it’s not. We’ll help you with everything from getting certified to flying your first job.

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