Soar Past Your Solar Competitors with Drone Tech

In today’s world, every industry is competitive. Companies are vying for customers, and buyers have the power to take their business wherever they want. Competitive pressures like these are particularly strong in growing industries like solar. By 2020, the solar industry is projected to install nearly 100 GW of solar annually, which would be enough to power 16.4 million homes. It’s a competitive market that has elevated some companies to new heights and caused others to file for bankruptcy and close their doors permanently. In such a competitive landscape, it’s important for companies to gain a competitive edge. In the race to stay relevant, many solar companies are turning to drones.

Here are a few ways that drone tech can help you get a leg up on the competition for solar site surveys.

More Efficient Site Surveys for More Installs

Before you can install panels, a surveyor must visit the site, gather measurements and identify obstacles such as chimneys and roof vents. Depending on the roof, a surveyor could spend hours measuring and drawing diagrams. With drone tech, surveyors can scan the roof in minutes and even have CAD-ready 3D models and solar plans waiting for them back at the office.

Cutting the time spent on surveys allows solar companies to stay up to date on projects. Solar companies that can’t keep up might force customers to wait weeks for a survey, and longer for an install. With competition so fierce, these customers might end up finding a different vendor.

Prove Your Expertise

Solar companies that invest in drone technology are viewed as trail blazers in the industry. When they use cutting edge tools to gather information with better efficiency, safety, accuracy, and overall better quality, their customers take notice – customers like to see innovation and improvements when it makes their experience better. Drone technology allows surveyors to collect high-quality data and thorough reports that include measurements, imagery, and mapped-out locations of vents and other penetrations. This is all information they can show their customers to prove they understand their needs clearly, and invest in the tools that make it possible.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

When a solar company uses drone tech and produces fantastic results, they’ll get attention. People talk to their friends and family about virtually everything. In fact, every day in the United States, there are approximately 2.4 billion brand-related conversations. If the solar company they hire shows up with a high-tech drone and has panels up in record time, they’ll be pleased with the results and will likely tell their friends and family about how much they love the company and the services they provide. Referrals are great and using cutting edge technology to deliver high quality service to customers is a great marketing tool to organically generate buzz.

Online Promotion

The internet is the primary source of information for many people. Homeowners research the companies that interest them and weigh their options. Drone technology gives solar companies the opportunity to display amazing before and after footage of homes they’ve installed panels on as well as images of fantastic 3D models. Companies can use this footage to promote their services on social media platforms to give customers visual proof of their capabilities.


In a market as competitive as the solar industry, it’s important to stand out by delivering great services. Using drones for solar surveys provides a huge competitive edge. Solar companies can grow their business faster as they complete projects faster, get more panels up, prove their proficiency, and generate more business through referrals. When a company uses the best technology available and has a good process performed by great people, they set themselves up for success.


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