Roof Inspection Report Update

Upgrade Your Roof Inspection Report: The Latest Update Is Here!

You don’t need an engineering or English degree in order to give your customers clear, well-written roof inspection reports. Easy-to-read reports show your customers that you recognize their needs, while simultaneously showing your expertise in the industry. A great roof inspection report tells the story of the roof. You present the solutions to the problems that may have been found during the roof inspection and what would need to be done to address it.  

Roof Inspection Report: What’s Hot!

Delivering impressive reports sets your company apart from competitors. You haven’t closed the job yet, so this is one more opportunity to make a unique impact on the property owner. Roof inspection reports don’t have to suck hours out of your week. Save time by utilizing technology designed to help enhance professionalism and increase efficiency for your roofing business. 

At Loveland Innovations, we know that reporting is one of the most important features we offer. That’s why we’ve been working to improve the overall report-building experience. Let’s look at what is new and how you can start winning more business today.  

Your Report, Your Brand 

What was top of mind for us with the reporting updates? Branding. Now, you can incorporate your unique branding—from the color schemes to the logo. These details, mirroring your online presence, forge a strong, professional image right from the start. This consistent professionalism not only positions you favorably in the job bidding process but also boosts your referral rate. Each report creates an opportunity for future business, demonstrating the impact of maintaining a professional image throughout. 

Branding for Reports
Branding for Reports

Add Your Own Customization  

As an extension of your company’s branding, you can now elevate your reporting with the ability to upload custom PDFs and text pages. This enhancement empowers you to add your company’s unique branding and detailed content directly into your reports. Tailor documents like condition or maintenance reports and lifetime warranties to better reflect your professional standards and commitment. This feature is designed to enrich your communication, ensuring each inspection report not only delivers critical information but also reinforces your brand’s identity and value proposition. 

Custom PDF Roofing Report
Custom PDF Roofing Report

Additional Roof Inspection Report Features 

Beyond these recent enhancements, Loveland Innovations’ reporting toolkit encompasses a broad array of features such as: 

  • AI-Powered Damage Detection: Utilizing advanced AI, reports highlight detected damages with precision, offering undeniable evidence in insurance claims. 
  • Drag-and Drop: Easily drag and drop report pages to better tell the story of the property.  
  • Accurate Measurements: Detailed measurements support claims and bids with indisputable accuracy, reinforcing trust with clients and stakeholders. 
  • Integration with Xactimate: Streamlining workflows by allowing data and insights from reports to flow directly into estimation tools, saving time and reducing errors. 


These features, combined with the capability to annotate and highlight specific areas of concern, ensure that professionals can create comprehensive, detailed, and branded inspection reports that stand out.  


Standout roof inspection reports can significantly tilt the scales in your favor, helping to win more business. By leveraging IMGING’s custom PDF and Text page uploads to enhance your reports, you position your company as a leader in professionalism and detailed communication. Remember, in the world of roofing and inspections, the quality of your reports can be just as influential as the quality of your work. 

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