Why LAANC Matters to Drone Pilots

LAANC is the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability.

It’s a collaboration between the Federal Aviation Administration and private industry to help drone pilots operating under the Small UAS Rule Part 107, fly in controlled airspace around airports.

LAANC automates the application and approval process for airspace authorizations through automated applications developed by an FAA-Approved UAS Service Suppliers (USS).

To gain LAANC authorization, pilots can apply for an airspace authorization through a web browser or a mobile application with a few quick clicks or taps. Once a request is submitted to the LAANC system, it’s checked against multiple airspace data sources in the FAA UAS Data Exchange such as temporary flight restrictions, NOTAMS (Notices to Airmen) and the UAS Facility Maps. If approved, pilots receive their authorization in near-real time.

LAANC Data Process

Through LAANC pilots and drone companies can:

  • Apply to receive a near real-time authorization for operations under 400 feet in controlled airspace around airports.
  • Request to fly above the designated altitude ceiling in a UAS Facility Map, up to 400 feet. Applicants may apply up to 90 days in advance of a flight and the approval is coordinated manually through the FAA.

For more information on LAANC and a complete list of USS providers:


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