IMGING 2.3 with on-site measurements

On-Site Measurements and More – Inside IMGING 2.3

2.3 may very well be our coolest update yet. With the addition of on-site measurements for residential homes, this release makes IMGING the first drone platform to provide measurements on-site! Our new damage detection classifications make IMGING an even better tool for inspecting and measuring commercial properties. Plus, our area measurement tool gives you even more ways to interact with a 3D model. To top it all off, we added an inspection workflow tool that makes it easy for anyone (anyone) to conduct a thorough property inspection. Here’s a quick overview:

New Damage Detection Classifications

The beta release of our new damage classifications add even more functionality to commercial IMGING scans. IMGING can now find:

  • Blistering on flat roofs (TPO)
  • Evidence of ponding water (TPO)
  • Cracking and Alligatoring (TPO)
  • Misplaced gravel/Exposed underlayment (Gravel roofs)
  • Soft metal damage (Metal roofs)

Area Measurement Tool

In addition to measuring distances on a model, you can now measure areas on an IMGING 3D model. This makes it easy to measure walls, windows, siding, and doors instantly without needing to be on-site. You can also subtract areas from your total area. For instance, if you need the total area of a wall minus the windows, you can easily get this total in the app. This feature is available as soon as you update your app.

On-Site Measurements

We can now provide dynamic measurements on a 2D rendering on an iPad shortly after you complete a residential flight. This means you can write rough bids or share estimates with customers without returning to the office. We’ll be rolling out this feature to certain users over the course of the next few months as we scale capabilities and configurations.

IMGING Inspect List

IMGING Inspect List makes it easy to create a full inspection workflow for adjusters, estimators, or solar site surveyors in the field. With pre-defined albums and instructions for each photo to take, anyone in the field can easily gather required inspection photos including elevation photos, photos of gutters, windows, and much more. If you’re interested in using Inspect List, contact your account manager for more information.

If you want to know more about IMGING 2.3, contact your account manager.


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