Who’s Cashing In on Drones? Look at These Five Industries

Drones are an idea that once only existed in science-fiction. These unmanned aerial vehicles are now being sold over the country and on the internet from several vendors. Drones are playing key roles in a variety spaces and have proven to be an adaptable tool for hobbyists and professionals alike. You may be wondering what use you would have for such a thing. Well, you’re in luck because drones are making an impact in a wide variety of industries and you get to pick where and how you use them.

Drone pilot


If you have a project, chances are you can use a drone in some way. Here are a few big ways drones are being used right now.

Sports videography – One example you might have already witnessed is the beloved world of sports. These drones are being use for aerial angles for sports videography. Yes, now you can watch your favorite sports from a bird’s eye view.

Agriculture – Drones have also entered the realm of business acceleration. Businesses across the globe are now turning to drones to further their causes. Drones can be seen scanning the vast fields of the Midwestern United States to improve agriculture scanning and inspections.

Construction and Insurance – Drones are also being used by construction and insurance companies to perform safer and more efficient building inspections.

Public Services -Law enforcement as well as search and rescue teams are using drones as an eye in the sky to cover large areas quickly when time is of the essence.

Arts and Culture – In a short period of time, drone photography has become its own form of art. Keep your eyes open for stunning photographs in major publications that would be nearly impossible to take without the assistance of a drone.

As you can see, drones are a useful tool to have. We’ve barely scratched the surface of where and how they’re being used, and things aren’t slowing down. There’s even discussion of drones being used for package delivery, and while that might seem absurd, the entire notion of an aerial drone seemed like fantasy not too long ago. Find out how drones can improve operations in your industry and watch as yesterday’s insanity becomes today’s reality.


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