Loveland Innovations Expands DJI Partnership with Mavic 2 Pro Support, Releases Enhanced AI Damage Detection 

Loveland Innovations Expands DJI Partnership with Mavic 2 Pro Support, Releases Enhanced AI Damage Detection  1024 538 Ethan Kirk

New features offer more hardware portability, new damage detection capabilities  

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah, December 13, 2018 – Loveland Innovations®, maker of advanced data analytics solutions and inspection tools and services, today released an update to their inspection platform, IMGING®, which includes enhanced AI damage detection features and support for the DJI® Mavic 2 Pro.

“We’re closing out a stellar year of innovation with a few updates our customers are really excited about,” says Leif Larson, CTO of Loveland Innovations. “The latest updates let users take advantage of the sleeker, more portable Mavic 2 Pro drones for their automated flights. Meanwhile, improvements to IMGING Detect® make it even simpler for inspection professionals to identify damage after the flight is done.”   

Launched in February of 2018, IMGING Detect is Loveland Innovations’ advanced AI and deep learning engine. Deep learning is an advanced approach to artificial intelligence (AI) that allows IMGING to learn as it gathers more data, which makes IMGING more sophisticated and accurate each time it’s used.  

According to Larson, the most recent updates are just the start of many new improvements to IMGING Detect. “We’ve laid the groundwork to drastically accelerate the training of our deep learning models and have lots of enhancements coming in 2019. IMGING Detect will soon be able to automatically identify dozens of damage types, materials, and even various objects across an entire property. We can’t wait to help users do better work with even more great features.”   

IMGING Detect is a part of the IMGING inspection platform and is included at no additional cost. Users can buy IMGING as a complete software and kit solution or as an app to run on their existing hardware. Those who already have a DJI® Mavic 2 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro drone and cellular-enabled iPhone® or iPad® can buy the software or hardware they need to start improving their inspection and estimating process. 

About Loveland Innovations  

Loveland Innovations is a team of makers, mavericks, and maniacs building leaner, meaner ways to turn property data into clarity and action. No corporate nonsense, just get-it-done attitude. They make it easy for anyone to digitize a property or structure, then explore, measure, and analyze it with artificial intelligence.   

Press Contact 

Ethan Kirk, Director of Marketing  



Ethan Kirk
Ethan Kirk

Ethan is the Marketing Director and press contact at Loveland Innovations. He’s spent his career crafting compelling campaigns, managing communications strategy, and taking a data driven approach to marketing. Salt Lake City born but California raised, he spends his free time exploring with his family.

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