How Bear River Mutual Insurance Uses IMGING for Comprehensive Documentation

Bear River Mutual Insurance faced significant challenges with roof claims. Inspections were often necessary on dangerous roofs due to their height and pitch with these risks exacerbated due to adverse weather conditions near the Rocky Mountains. The traditional roof inspection method involved hiring specialists equipped with tall ladders and safety gear, which was both risky to the inspectors and costly to Bear River Mutual. After one such third-party inspector completed their contracted job with a drone, Bear River Mutual thought about outfitting their internal team with a similar approach.

Under the guidance of Troy Jensen, Director of Property and ADP Claims, Bear River Mutual set out to research innovative drone solutions, eventually leading to the adoption of Loveland Innovations’ IMGING platform. This platform combines drone technology with advanced software and AI to revolutionize claims data capture. Selecting a solution was focused on the criteria of safety and comprehensive documentation and was aided by Loveland Innovations’ founder’s previous role as President/CEO of industry-leading estimating technology firm Xactware.

The adoption of IMGING drastically improved operational safety, allowing claims representatives to conduct roof inspections quickly and safely from the ground. IMGING provides high-quality, comprehensive property images, improving claim report accuracy and homeowner trust by enabling on-site review of photos. Gathering full roof documentation in minutes is key for a full analysis of the condition of the roof. Additionally, the shift to in-house drone operations significantly cut down on the dependency and expense associated with external Independent Appraisals.

Bear River Mutual Insurance’s integration of the IMGING drone technology marked a transformative step in their property claims management. It not only addressed the initial safety and efficiency concerns but also set a new standard for data documentation and customer interaction for Bear River Mutual and their policyholders. The enhancement of the claims process has positioned Bear River Mutual as a forward-thinking leader in leveraging technology to benefit their operations and client service.


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