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How Drone-Based Solar Analysis Tools Are Accelerating Solar Installs

Get ready. The U.S. solar boom is only just beginning. In fact, the number of homes with solar energy is expected to triple by 2030. And that’s only moving the needle from 4% of American homes to 12%. With the geopolitical crisis in Eastern Europe affecting energy prices, solar adoption may accelerate even faster. To get the biggest slice of the pie, companies will need to be ready for it; that means automating business processes with new software solar analysis tools. Implementing drone-based technology such as Loveland Innovations IMGING solar site survey tools is a good place to start – because it’s quick and easy to do. Plus, the results are instant.

Without it, surveyors spend too much time on-site collecting manual measurements and dangerously walking roofs. Hand measurements and imagery are often inconsistent and crucial details can be missed altogether. Worse, they often have to go back a second or third time – and climbing on roofs is just plain dangerous. The solar industry is still growing to maturity, and although this is how surveys have been done in the past, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way.

So what are the benefits for adopting solar site survey tools that leverage automation and drones for your company? If a solar installer can keep solar site survey techs off of roofs, they can even save money by reclassifying workers comp codes. There are no errors with drone-based solar analysis tools, nor ladders.  With IMGING’s solar site survey tools, you can fly a roof in minutes, automatically generate 3D models, view shading, measure facets and penetrations – and export models into any CAD program – shaving hours off the process.

With IMGING, the survey tech can capture everything needed with a short automated drone flight – just by pushing a button in the IMGING solar site survey app once the job is set up. The drone then captures the entire house automatically, giving you automated measurements, roof obstructions, and even solar TSRF and everything needed for 3D roof design. This helps you work faster, while wowing homeowners and keep survey backlogs clear.


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