Why Roofers Might Consider Drones for Inspecting Complex Roofs

Big projects are a great opportunity for a roofing contractor. They present the chance to make tidy profits and to prove to the customer that they chose the right contractor. The trouble is that a lucrative roofing project can often be a incredibly steep, large, or complex roof. These jobs are great but they either take more time to bid or require expensive reports to get questionable measurements – in some cases you might need contract someone just to get the measurements you need for an accurate bid. Luckily, roofers can use drone technology to help them handle complex bids like these. Here’s why roofers might consider automated drone tech to handle their inspection process for complex roofs.

Get Any Job Done With One Person

We’ve all seen massive homes and commercial buildings with large or complicated roof structures. Inspecting roofs like these can be a daunting task, especially if there’s a tight timetable and other projects in progress. When using traditional inspection methods, a large project could take hours and/or multiple inspectors. Instead of devoting a portion of the workforce to packing in ladders, paying for a ladder assist service, or paying for a measurement report, a company can send a single inspector with a drone to get the job done on their own in just a few minutes.

Create Polished, Accurate Bids

Bids are how roofers win business and using a drone for the initial inspection is a great way to get better results. A faster bid process leads to more bids going out the door increasing the likelihood of winning more work. Higher levels of accuracy mean knowing exactly what materials the roofer needs as well as how much material the contractor needs to purchase. This gives customers the right price and helps roofers make sure they aren’t wasting material. A nice, polished report looks professional and proves that you were diligent in your inspection process and understand your work better than your competition.

Inspect in Minutes

Inspecting roofs manually is time consuming. Arriving to inspect a roof and learning that it’s too steep to climb on and needing to call a ladder assist service wastes time. With some drone solutions, an estimator only needs a few minutes to map the flight in an app. After mapping the flight, the drone takes to the skies and needs as little as 5 minutes to inspect a roof. What used to be an hour-long (or more) ordeal now takes well under 20 minutes after arriving on-site.

Gather Accurate Measurements

A 5-minute, automated drone inspection can gather to-the-inch accurate measurements of every facet and feature so you know the total number of squares quickly. This is a better alternative to ordering a measurement report because some reports aren’t available in areas with heavy tree cover, and many reports can be inaccurate, which affects your likelihood of winning work. Drones give roofers real-time imagery with great accuracy.

Avoid Falls

We’ve talked about how climbing on ladders and roofs can lead to injuries and increased expenses. Using drones for roof inspections keeps inspectors safe on the ground, greatly mitigating the risk of falls.


Drones can help estimators rely less on third parties to help out with measurements when demands are high or roofs are steep. Thanks to the latest in automated flight, roofing companies can win business with quick, accurate bids, unbiased data, and an all-around better ways to get things done.


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