New Partnerships, New Tech, and Serious Steps Forward for Insurance


We’ve been turning and burning the last few weeks and have made some absolutely killer steps forward. Here’s just a peak at what you’ve missed over the last few weeks.

Partnership with Drones Software Canada
Drone tech, eh? Our partnership with Drone Software Canada Inc. gives them exclusive rights to deliver our software to Canada. This means two really big things:  One is that IMGING is available to new users in Canada! Two is that we’re no longer just a national company – we’re multi-national. We’re excited to provide our technology to our friends up North. Here’s to more expansion and a world where drone tech can help more people worldwide!

Vale Training Offers Industry-First Drone Course with IMGING
Vale Training has been a leader in training insurance pros for decades. As new tech becomes available, their curricula adapt to give insurance professionals the knowledge they need to understand and take advantage of all the latest trends and tools. What’s the latest cool tool for insurance? You guessed it. Drones. Vale training has just begun offering one of the industry’s very first classes on using drones for roof and property inspections. The four-day course covers everything from drone basics to FAA regulations, and of course, how to fly using IMGING.

Crawford and Company Demos Drone Services
If you’re in insurance, you probably know Crawford & Company. They have a stellar reputation, an impressive market footprint through their networks and are known for using the newest tech to give their contractors the best tools available. Just a couple weeks ago, Crawford shared their drone services offering with a select group of industry leaders. It may have been a quiet step, but it’s huge to see IMGING drones going to work for a trusted name like Crawford.

We Got a Second Patent!
Next we just announced this week that we’ve secured our second patent. The new patent really helps illustrate how fiercely committed we are to constantly improving drone technology for the Insurance industry. Basically, this patent will help improve how aerial images are captured and used for roof and property inspections. It’s an all new approach that positions the drone just perfectly over roofs and properties so images it captures aren’t distorted (i.e. it makes images super crisp and clear). It also lays the groundwork for future image capture techniques that are going to make a massive impact on how drone inspections are carried out – you’ll get to see some of this technology put to work in the very near future.

Check Us Out at InterDrone
We’re excited to be exhibiting at this year’s InterDrone, happening September 6-8 in Sin City (AKA Las Vegas). Pop by booth 304 if you want to learn about IMGING, check out a demo, listen to our CEO and Founder speak, or to rub shoulders with our team.

Until next time, happy flying.



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