IMGING 3.1 Release Team and Fleet Reporting

Team and Fleet Management, Tile Damage Detection, Now Available

With this release, we’re elevating your drone operations and enhancing damage detection. No matter the size of your team, these features will help you better understand your drone use and operations with IMGING.

Team and Fleet Reporting
We are introducing a slew of management and reporting tools into IMGING. Here’s a breakdown of the new fleet management and team reporting features available when you update the app:

  • Flight Tracking Dashboard – see your drone flights mapped by location
  • Scan Status Dashboard – track jobs visually by status
  • Drone Scan Activity – track daily activity at a glance
  • Drone Usage – track the cumulative flight time of each drone in your fleet
  • Pilot Activity – track the activity of each of your pilots

Damage Detection Updates
Our damage detection system is built on a deep learning artificial intelligence framework that learns from increased exposure to data. The more you review (confirm or deny) data, the better it gets. This release improves some of our classic damage detection classes and introduces tile damage detection (beta).

As always, reach out to our support team if you have any questions and share any feedback with your account executive.

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