Drones for roofing

Can Drones Help Roofing Companies With Labor Demand?

More and more, roofing companies are seeing the benefit of utilizing drone technology in their business. Employees are safer, information is more reliable, and property owners are more pleased with higher-quality work. However, with an influx of work and few qualified to complete it, the roofing industry and construction market in general are experiencing a labor shortage, leaving roofing companies to try and keep up. Without sufficient qualified candidates to fill marketplace demand, here is a breakdown of why drones for roofing are the most efficient and effective way to bridge the gap.


Drone technology can take estimating from problematic to productive. Drones for roofing give estimators the flexibility to get more work done faster. Quicker estimations means more time to focus on doing great work and generating new business, rather than merely playing catch-up. Drone roofing also attracts younger estimators who can then become drone pilots themselves. Roofing companies can keep seasoned estimators in the office to crank out bids using their expert knowledge and data collected in the field (by contractors, younger employees, or even using Drone Assist).


Not only can the right drone platform provide unparalleled detail and accuracy of information, but in turn, that information will allow roofing companies to better plan residential and commercial projects. With a well-defined, clearer pocess to depend on for how to get a job done, workers can approach each project with confidence and drastically reduce their time spent on each roof. In this way, drone solutions such as IMGING®️ enable roofing companies to get more efficiency out of the people they already have.


A worker is only as good as his tools, which is why roofing companies hoping to establish reputability should always be equipped for success. According to recent industry statistics, 51 percent of people will never do business with a company after a single bad experience. A sophisticated inspection platform like IMGING can be the difference between one small mistake and a life-long, loyal customer. Drones for roofing improve the quality of a business across the board; from company image, to the quality of work; from estimates and planning to customer satisfaction and so on. With drone technology, roofing companies can begin to develop a superior reputation in a competitive market, and in doing so, appeal to potential customers and employees.

For a roofing company facing a labor shortage, what would it mean to be able to get more work done faster? What would it mean for a roofing business if estimators could create more bids in less time? What would it mean for their job planning if they had better imaging and more consistent data? What would it mean for installers if planning, ordering, and material fulfillment were more streamlined? With drone roofing, companies will finally have an answer to these questions.


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