Beyond Adjusting: How Drone Tech Improves the Customer Experience

More often than not, hurricanes do a lot of damage – sometimes enough to displace people from their homes. This means homeowners need their claims adjusted as soon as possible so they can get back to living life as usual. Providing a good experience after a scary event is a crucial time for building trust with homeowners. Customer service is a major indicator of whether an individual or group will make a purchase from a company or stick around as a customer for a long time to come.

But how do you ramp up your operations, keep data consistent, and manage homeowner needs quickly when claim volumes are high?

Drone technology is the answer for creating a great customer experience. Here’s why.

It Helps You Avoid Churn

Customers have the power to choose where they take their business. In the event of a hurricane, a customer is dependent on their insurance carrier to help them return to a state of normalcy. If a customer has a bad experience such as a slow response, inconsistent communication, or poor results, it’s likely that they’ll take their business to a new carrier. It’s no surprise that 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor service. Hurricanes create a tough situation for insurers and their customers. There are heightened levels of stress and insurers could have hundreds of claims that need adjusting. Slow response is frequently a source of frustration for customers in stressful situations. Without drone technology, customers may have to wait weeks for fully adjusted claims. With drone technology, the claims process can be cut down to a few days.

It Creates Loyalty and Customer Longevity

After a hurricane, customers want to get back on their feet as soon as they can. Insurers want to give their customers the best products and services possible. In the insurance industry, drones can help build customer loyalty for insurance carriers. With drone technology, insurers can get to claim data in minutes and fully adjust claims in days.

It Helps You Earn Lifelong Customers

Acquiring a new customer costs around 6x more than keeping an existing one. Boosting the number of homeowners who renew policies year after year keeps revenue steady. With these things in mind, providing great customer service should be a point of focus during hurricane season. In the event of being unable to return to their home after a storm, a customer needs quality service. If they receive what they need with genuine kindness, they might choose to become a lifelong customer. This genuine, and timely service is possible when using drone technology for insurance claims.

It Helps You Gain New Customers

Another thing to consider is that satisfied customers can become evangelists, and they’ll likely share their experience with friends. People who get referrals from friends are 4x more likely to make a purchase. It’s hard to know how far that ripple effect will reach. Regardless of how far, it would bring more business to the insurer and give them the opportunity to have more happy customers. All of this is possible with the proper application of drone technology in the insurance adjusting process.


Customer service can make or break a relationship. Insurers want to get their claims done faster and customers want good treatment. Drones can help everyone get what they want. Insurers can adjust claims faster, so a customer’s tragedy feels more like a bump in the road. If you’re looking for ways to amp-up your customers’ experience, look no further than drone tech.


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