Will The Digital Revolution Kill Ladder Assist?

As a growing number of insurers recognize the benefits of simplifying outdated claims processes – the days of ladder assist could be numbered. For years, third-party companies have determined loss. They have also uncovered the cause of damage for claims adjusters in the field.

Such a service, while useful, does not solve a few fundamental quagmires for insurers – keeping them safe during inspections, increasing productivity, and streamlining adjuster workflows.

There is also the potential of running into extra costs and time spent scheduling an assessment. These factors alone, make ‘ladder assist’ a counterproductive method of data gathering. If insurers wish to increase policyholder satisfaction – they should adopt the use of emerging insurance technologies.

Today, solutions exist to circumvent the unsafe practice of ladder assist such as the use of drones to survey the damage and risk. In the case of automated drones for insurance, they take ‘ladder assist’ to the next level – enabling adjusters to inspect the exterior property, no matter the size or slope of the roof.

Automated Drones

The use of drones during the claims process is ingenious, especially if you deploy drones to sites where natural disasters occur. This alone might speed up the claims process for those who need to rebuild. In cases where insurers suspect fraud, drones could reveal the cause of arson, wildfires, and accidental fires.

For homes and large structures, automated drone tech enables adjusters to digitize an entire structure to analyze as if they are on-site. This solves a fundamental problem for adjusters, who no longer have to reference photos alone. Instead, they can access a full digital twin and review whenever and wherever they wish.

Other key advantages include the ability to consistently gather and analyze data en masse, which powers more informed decisions.  

Ladder Assist Alternatives

Drone Assist is an on-demand inspection service for insurance carriers. It acts as a replacement to traditional ladder assists. Designed for property and roof inspections, Drone Assist provides 3D models, imagery, measurements, and more. 

Drone Assist, furthermore, helps users understand the full scope of damage and better assess the loss. This is done via image analysis using the latest Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms. Not only does Drone Assist gather information, it also helps carriers make sense of what it captures.

This lets adjusters make accurate determinations based on a reliable data pool. The benefits amount to reduced overhead, less risk of inspector injury, and faster claims adjudications.

All this is part of the push to enhance customer service for policyholders.

Enhanced Camera Tech

The old adage that someone needs to physically touch damage or be present to assess it, remains false. This is especially true as the digital transformation persists. As drone-based technology companies continue to innovate product offerings, high-quality imaging remains a priority.

Innovators in the drone space have added features like HD cameras to capture high-quality photos. Today, there are hyperspectral and multi-spectral camera technologies designed to see below the surface of things. Today these are becoming more common in the medical field, but have plenty of potential for analyze roofs. It will undoubtedly take some time for these technologies to penetrate the market, but as they do, they should prove invaluable for adjusters.

Value Prop Till You Drop

For insurers, the above technologies provide an incredible amount of value to their organizations. What they enable is a convenient and safe way to assess damage while also reducing loss adjustment expense.

As insurers adapt to the changing landscape, so will the tools they use. It will remain paramount to stay at the forefront of the technological revolution. Doing so will ensure the fastest and most painless claims adjudication process for an improved CX.


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