Deep Learning and Damage Detection: Here’s What’s in IMGING Update 1.5.7

Here at Loveland Innovations, we take our name pretty seriously. In everything from automated flight control to how we process and extract value from data, we’re always looking to push the capabilities of our technology and software.

As such, we’re always improving current features and introducing new ones.

We’ve recently released an update to IMGING that has some pretty significant improvements. First, the simple stuff:

  • As with all software, we’re continually improving the way IMGING works. This includes bug exterminating as well as optimizing app operation.
  • There’s always a lot going on in each flight and we’ve implemented additional in-flight instructions to help you have a more informed flight experience. Let’s say, for instance, that the drone is experiencing connectivity issues. The drone may pause while it attempts to re-establish a connection. When this happens, the app will alert you so that you know to wait patiently.
  • We’ve surfaced more flight information in the job details page post-flight.

Now for the Big Stuff

Last week we wrote a post about deep learning. This release includes the introduction of IMGING Detect (Beta). IMGING Detect Beta uses deep learning architectures to detect hail hits and missing shingles on composition rooftops. This is just the first of many cases of “detection” that IMGING will power. We’re feeding our system new types of damage to find and we’re helping understand how to identify various roof materials. We’re also giving it ways to detect property risks and quantify them — these are just a few things we’re building.

This release is the beginning of something big. Stay tuned for more.


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