Azimuth and DXF Flattening: IMGING Has New Solar Features

Azimuth and DXF Flattening: IMGING Has New Solar Features 1024 576 Kevin Wunder

We’re super excited to bring some new solar-focused features to the IMGING app. Mainly, we’re making it even easier for solar companies to work with the 3D models we automatically generate after a drone flight. Here’s the skinny:

.DXF File Flattening

As you probably know, IMGING allows designers to export 3D models of a structure as a .DXF file. With our latest update, .DXF files will now come through in AutoCAD LT with each facet flattened, so it’s simple for designers to build two-dimensional solar plans.

.DXF Facet Selection and Layering

Users can also now download .DXF files from IMGING with selected facets. This means designers can export a CAD-ready file that includes only the mounting planes they’ll be working with. Plus, each selected facet comes into AutoCAD as a unique layer. This lets designers select or de-select layers to focus their work on specific facets.


To help users orient the home in relation to the sun, we’ve added the azimuth for each mounting plane in the IMGING user interface and in exportable .DXF files. We’re really excited about what this feature in particular means for some of our future plans.

If you have any questions about these features or would just like to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out!



Kevin Wunder
Kevin Wunder

Kevin Wunder is the Sr. Director of Product Management for Loveland Innovations. His love for solving market problems led him through a slew of roles where he developed marketing strategies, steered trend-setting tech, and upped his creative gains every step of the way. Today, he drives product strategy for IMGING. When he's not working his marketing and product muscles, he's coaching at a local CrossFit gym, volunteering with local youth groups, and spending time with his wife and three wild boys.

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