Loveland Innovations to Disrupt Insurance Inspections with Drone Assist, an On-Demand Property Inspection Service

ALPINE, UtahApril 10, 2018 — Loveland Innovations®, maker of advanced data analytics solutions and drone-based data gathering tools, today launched Drone Assist™, a nationwide on-demand drone inspection service that combines professional drone pilots with the best-in-class IMGING® solution.

This network of Part 107 certified drone pilots is available to contractors, carriers, or anyone who needs quick, expert help with roof and property inspections. Drone Assist is designed to augment workforces during times of increased inspection demands, such as after large natural disasters, but is also effective for individual inspections where insurance carriers may have less coverage or need help on steep and complex roofs. Drone Assist pilots all rely on the IMGING platform for consistent, accurate inspections and the IMGING Detect deep learning engine for damage detection and more.

As Jim Loveland, CEO and Founder of Loveland Innovations explains, “Think ladder assist, except much safer, cheaper, faster, more consistent and packed with far more detail about damage and physical dimensions. With Drone Assist, carriers and contractors get on-demand access to IMGING reports thanks to our FAA certified pilots that are ready to complete inspections and deliver data, usually within just a few days of the request. And this is just the start for Drone Assist – we have even bigger news on the horizon,” he says.

Using IMGING, insurers can quickly define what they want inspected at a property and automatically assign the job to a Drone Assist pilot. IMGING reports are typically available within 72 hours of request. The cost is $200 per address and includes complete IMGING Inspect and Measure reports as well as access to all the inspection data in the IMGING app (note: addresses with multiple structures incur additional costs per-structure). Insurers can then desk adjust claims by viewing and annotating ultra-high resolution images, viewing 3D models and virtual test squares, using damage detection through Loveland Innovation’s deep learning engine, IMGING Detect, and exporting key data into common industry estimating platforms.

Drone Assist is available to select U.S. insurance carriers now and will be more widely available over the next few months. Contact Loveland Innovations for details at

IMGING is also available as a tool for roof and property inspectors who want to conduct their own drone-based inspections and use deep learning tools to improve decision making. To learn more about IMGING, visit 

About Loveland Innovations
Loveland Innovations is a team of makers, mavericks, and a few maniacs building leaner, meaner ways to gather and analyze exterior property information. No corporate nonsense, just a get-it-done attitude. Their solutions combine data analytics, A.I., and drones to arm carriers and contractors with high quality data, more speed, and better decision-making power.

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