How Allen Roofing Resolved a Disputed Roof Claim with IMGING

The Situation

On July 25-26, 2022, the St. Louis area experienced a record 9.04” of rain in a 24- hour period according to the National Weather Service. This deluge of rain overwhelmed drainage systems and caused flooding throughout the region. The record downpour also overwhelmed roofing, gutter, and drainage systems in the area, leading to an influx of inspection requests for Allen Roofing. This is the story of one of those inspections.

During the storm one homeowner discovered roof leaks throughout his 70 square home in multiple places. He had never had a roof leak previously, but the extreme amount of rainfall was bringing attention to any existing roof issues from previous storms.

He called Allen Roofing for help. Allen Roofing and Siding has been helping St. Louis area homeowners for over 50 years. Experts in exterior repairs, Allen’s trained professionals are very good at locating and identifying storm damage when they see it. Their crew includes Christian, an experienced estimator who performed an inspection at the home alongside an adjuster.

The Challenge

Christian and the adjuster spent 90 minutes together inspecting the roof and exterior of the home. Once the adjuster completed his exterior inspection, Christian left to other appointments.

He was later shocked to receive notice that the insurance carrier would not be writing a claim due to insufficient damage found. The communication from the adjuster stated that roof existing roof damage was estimated lower than the homeowner’s deductible.

IMGING as the Solution

After consulting with the homeowner, Christian returned with a drone and completed a drone scan utilizing IMGING software. Next, he built a thorough inspection report in IMGING, leveraging AI damage detection that found widespread and visible roof issues caused by a previous storm.

He then requested a reinspection from the insurance carrier, submitting his inspection reports as proof that a re-inspection was needed. With his inspection reports – aided by IMGING’s AI-powered damage detection – clearly showing damage, the insurance carrier relented.

The Resolution

When a new adjuster showed up and climbed the roof, he took mere minutes for him to apologize for the previous adjuster’s inspection. There was clear damage that far exceeded the deductible amount. The claim was then resolved with a full payout for the replacement roof.


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