Inside Our New Partnership with Standard Industries

“By mixing Standard’s industry expertise in roofing and waterproofing with Loveland’s new data capture methods and advanced deep learning tools, we’re building the future of analytics for the roofing space.”


On May 2nd, we were excited to announce an investment from Standard Industries. Standard first reached out to us almost two years ago and over that time we have been tremendously impressed with the outstanding caliber of people we have had the privilege to get to know throughout their world-class organization. Their vision and ours are extremely well-aligned and we are excited to collectively work together to propel our technologies and services forward.

In light of this recent announcement, I thought I’d take a moment to dive into some of the awesome things that are now possible thanks to their collaboration and significant investment in Loveland Innovations. Here are a few answers to some of the questions we’ve heard from customers over the last several days.


Who is Standard Industries?

Standard Industries is a global, industrial company with interests in building materials, aggregates, and related investment businesses. Privately held, Standard has approximately 15,000 employees with business operations in 80 countries spread across the globe over 6 continents. Chances are if you are in the roofing, aggregates, solar, real estate, or insurance space, you’ve heard of Standard Industries or one of their many companies such as GAF, BMI Group, Specialty Granules (SGI), Siplast, 40 North, and Winter Properties. Standard is the world’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer and when it comes to roofing and other materials, Standard is the big name.


Why did Standard pick Loveland?

We’re doing things others cannot, and our extensive vision will change the world of roofing and insurance inspections. Standard is committed to innovation and removing real-world limitations by investing in the latest tools and technologies advancing the industries in which they do business. After seeing what we were doing with automated drone-based inspections, A.I., and data analytics, they were impressed enough with our technology and vision to partner with us and lead our entire first investment round themselves. Standard’s goal is to give customers better tools and technologies, and this partnership with us is proof in their belief that our innovative solutions can greatly improve how roofers, insurance, and solar pros get their work done.


What is this partnership about?

This collaboration represents a strategic advancement for the roofing and materials world. It pairs Standard’s expertise in the roofing and waterproofing industry with Loveland Innovations, a company that specializes in automated drone inspections, data analytics and artificial intelligence / deep learning systems. By mixing the two, we’re building the future analytics for the roofing space. The near-term result of this partnership will be brand new ways to safely measure and analyze roofs along with simpler, more efficient ways to produce accurate market driven bids from professionals ready to do the work. Down the road, roofing data collected nationwide will power research that can lead to the production of newer roofing materials, better understanding of wear-rates, material limitations, and how environmental factors affect the structural integrity of roof materials.


What Can People Expect Next?

There are upcoming announcements that will continue to illustrate how the average roofer, insurance and solar pro will see their approach to estimating and interacting with homeowners shift over the next few years. Stay tuned for more information on how Loveland Innovations and Standard Industries are changing the roofing world.


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