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Faster AI-Powered Damage Detection Now Available in IMGING 3.2

The latest update to IMGING is now available to download from the App Store. Do you want more control over your drone inspections with IMGING? Now you have it. This release introduces a new Manual Drone Inspection task. This enables you to perform an inspection-only drone flight in IMGING.

What does inspection-only flight mean? When using the Manual Drone Inspection task, you won’t have an automated flight plan and won’t receive measurements or a 3D model. Instead, after take-off, you’ll have full manual control to customize your inspection as you see fit, saving you precious minutes on-site. As standard in IMGING, Manual Drone Inspections will include unlimited cloud storage, living property profiles, custom report building tools, and our industry-leading artificial intelligence-powered damage detection on every flight. Please reach out to your account executive to have this feature enabled for your account.


Bug Fixes and More

We’ve also had a few minor features and squashed some bugs in this release. As always, we love hearing from you, so don’t be shy and reach out to us whenever you have a suggestion or a question.


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